Meg Tilly

Sue and I couldn’t believe our good fortune. We have had a great deal of success in chatting with a number of the wonderful and charming cast of Bomb Girls.

We decided to take a chance, and approached our wonderful contact at Shaw Media with the idea of one last interview to tie in with the final episode of what we happily learned is the first season (they just announced today that twelve more episodes have been commissioned for another season!).

We thought if there was any possibility in the world that Meg Tilly would agree to chat with us, this may be the only chance we get (hopefully it’s not the only one – she is a jewel and such a pleasure to speak with).

Joyfully, she did agree, and we had a wonderful and revealing talk with her. Meg has wonderful insights into her characters, and is open, honest, and has an infectious laugh!

You may find the volume wavers here and there, but hopefully you will have as much joy of it as Sue and I did.

The final episode of Season One of Bomb Girls airs this evening at 8pm on Global. You can catch up online at Global’s website.

Join us now, as Sue and I chat with Meg Tilly.


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