Why We Do An Audio Podcast and Not Video…

Hey again folks.

Just wanted to take a brief moment to answer a question that has come up a couple of times for Sue and I already…

With the amazing guests we’ve had, why are we just doing an audio podcast, and not shooting video as well.

There’s a couple of reasons for this, but let’s get the techie ones out of the way first.

First off Sue and I tend to arrange to meet our guests in public places, coffee shops, restaurants, zoos, museums, what-have-you. If we shot on video, our group expands from a comfy little trio to at least a camera/sound/lighting person, or more if one person is unable to do all that.

Secondly, not only do we have to make sure our guest is comfortable with a video interview, and that requires time for make-up, outfits… I’m sure they want to look better than presentable they would want to look their very best (although they all look fantastic in the pics we’ve taken so far).

Thirdly, something tells me we wouldn’t be able to shoot in the locations we’re visiting now, without getting all kinds of permits and permissions.

Would it be cool if Sue and I had an office with an in=house studio area to shoot video, sure…

But, I think we would lose one of the best parts of our podcasts, and this is one of the big reasons we do an audio podcast…

There’s no camera, and a mic on the table, is just that, small, unobtrusive, and while not necessarily forgettable, it’s easy to put out of one’s mind.

And that’s when the best moments in our interviews happen.

Yes, Sue and I do some prep beforehand, we check out their c.v., their website, their blogs, their IMDB page, and we lay some groundwork questions. But, we’ve found that once we start talking, the two of us, being Sue and I, seem to have an innate ability to help people relax, so more often than not, as you have no doubt heard, an interview changes, I like to think evolves, and eventually becomes a chat.

Our guest relaxes (though they have all been very laid back) and we all end up having a great time together, simply talking.

Both Sue and I feel that we wouldn’t be able to get that under the glare of lights, and the watchful, unblinking eye of the camera.

Not that we don’t want to try that someday.

But right now, I think you – our listeners, ourselves, and our guests are getting the most enjoyable experience we can provide, by simply meeting socially, having a beverage and a chat.

And that to me, always seems more fun.


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  1. I got distracted early on in your article with the idea of you doing a podcast with Kris by the wolf house at the zoo – 🙂

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