Bachelor Chatter

Well, here we are…a new season is upon us as bachelor Ben Flajnik takes centre stage on his quest to find true love.  Last night saw a parade of – let’s say interesting and memorable – women, pass by Ben between the limos (and one horse) and the Bachelor mansion.  The field was whittled down somewhat by the end of the first episode, and viewers were given a hint of things to come throughout the season.

Oh yes – there will be tears.

I want to say right off that I am a fan of Ben.  I’m glad he’s the Bachelor this year, and I was crushed for him when Ashley turned him down last season.  He looks awesome and ready to go right off the bat at the start of last night’s episode, and it looks as though he’s going to have his fair share of – let’s say interesting and memorable – moments, on this journey he’s undertaken!

So, let’s get right down to it, shall we?  I’m sure there are already a billion comments about Jenna out there in the World Wide Webiverse, so I’ll leave her alone.  I will say that Monica strikes me as this season’s Michelle Money – only not as stunningly gorgeous, and so far not as hilarious.  But we’ll see.  I think she’s pretty, and could possibly bring some real funny to the behind-the-curtain interviews, but that’s all I’m going to say about her right now.  Instead, I want to focus on the cluster of girls that I really like, now that I’ve seen the premiere.  I like them for different reasons, and obviously things could very well change as the season goes on.  For today, however, and in NO particular order, here is Sue’s Top Bachelor Chick List (I know, charming name, right?   Sorry ladies…I wanted a rhyme!  lol):

Casey S

She impressed me with how pretty she is, how tall she seemed, and how calm and genuine she appeared, right from the moment she stepped out of the limo.  We didn’t get to see much of her, though, so I don’t have much more than first vague impressions.  I’m glad she’ll be back next week!



The dimples get me every time.  Also, she seemed genuinely happy to be there.  She looked like she’s ready to have fun with it, and she didn’t appear to be too caught up in the drama.  At least not yet!



Nurses are hot, and her story about getting custody of her siblings sort of reminded me of my book, Carving The Light, so I was almost automatically rooting for her just because of that!



The redhead…need I say more?  lol  I actually don’t remember seeing too much of her, but that could be a good thing, since there was so much focus on the drama.  She seemed more relaxed and ready for whatever comes up, though, which is also a good thing.


Kacie B

This girl was my fave going into the premiere, and that hasn’t really changed.  She’s adorable, her accent is awesome, she seems like a sweetheart, and the way she helped calm Jenna while still getting a bit of face time with Ben before the rose ceremony was gratiously wonderful to watch.



I haven’t really made up my mind about her either way yet.  She caught my attention more than some, but not as much as others.  She’s sort of middle of the pack for me at the moment – yet high enough to make my list, so that’s saying something!  I look forward to seeing more of her – let’s say that!



I love that Rachel is less conventional looking than many of the other girls, and she has the warmth and confidence to pull it off.  She also kept her head when dealing with Jenna, and best line of the night goes to her.  “How can she hate me just out of nowhere?”  Rachel’s response:  “Because that’s what girls do!”  Truer words, my friend!



I don’t know if she reminds me of someone else, or something, but I pretty much instantly liked Shawn.  Her kiddo is a cutie, she seems to have a level head on her shoulders, and the slug on the arm she gave Ben at their first meeting actually made me clap and laugh, so good on her, says I!

And that is IT for my Chick List!  Ben certainly has his work cut out for him, but something tells me he’s going to enjoy at least *some* of it!  😉

I can’t wait to see what Week Two brings!

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  1. Lauren says:

    LOVE The Bachelor, but i need more than once per week! I have been a fan of Sweet Home Alabama too totally work checking out

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