Adopt An Indie

Welcome to November!

Donna Brown, and her collection of authors who’ve signed up are hoping to make it a GREAT November by bringing us Adopt-An-Indie.

In short it’s a brilliant effort to bring together independent authors and reviewers, bloggers, and the world in general, in a move to do away with the stigmata one associates with self-publishing.

Both Sue and I have published books this way, one of Sue’s is still up for adoption for the month. It’s called Carving The Light, and it’s a heartfelt tale of three sisters who all keep secrets from one another that slowly unravel over a Canadian Thanksgiving. Her second one, Ebon Black & The Seven Dryads is a twist on the classic Snow White tale, and is an enchanting fairytale adventure.

My own effort, Cherubs, is a take on the haunted house story, with an adorable hearing impaired girl, her mother, and new puppy at it’s center.

When the chance for us to be involved with Adopt An Indie presented itself, we jumped at the chance, and I have adopted the novel Guardian Cats & The Lost Books of Alexandria by Rahma Krambo, and so far, now that I’ve settled into it, is very enjoyable. Stay tuned for more on that!

Through the course of the month, there will be updates on the official site, so please follow it, and have a look at some of the books that are out there.

So visit the site…

and read something will ya?


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