What Did I Watch This Week? Vol. 1

Welcome to the weekend! And what a week it’s been, between work, reading, chasing down interviews and blogging how did I find time to watch all the things I talk about below…

I really don’t know.

I kept a running list of all the things I watched this weekend, and well, it’s a lot! But I figure if I shared what I was watching you could learn a little more about me…

I settled into my work station earlier this week to develop a couple of posts, and as I did, I settled in to watch a movie my creative partner Sue Maynard has talked long about…

John Carpenter’s The Ward. As I believe I mentioned on one of our podcasts, and in my horror movie rant, I’ve always enjoyed Carpenter. His films always entertain me, and this one was no exception. It follows the story of a young troubled woman who ends up in a mental ward with other young women.

But there’s something more going on here, and there’s something dark walking the halls, that won’t let the girls leave. In typical magician fashion Carpenter makes you think one thing is going on, while distracting you from something else, and for me it worked. Carpenter still hasn’t lost his touch, but he does need to make more films, more often. I personally would love to see him do another film with Kurt Russell.

I also had time to take a look at a foreign found footage film that I had wanted to see for awhile…

Troll Hunter.

Yes with a name like that it sounds kinda cheesy, but I have to say, it was done really well. A group of university students are following what they believe is a bear poacher. The bear population in Norway is regulated by the government, if you aren’t licensed by them, you can’t hunt bears.

So the students track down this poacher with his battered and beaten RV, across the incredibly scenic Norwegian backgrounds, and slowly learn that he’s not here for bears. He’s licensed by the government to control the troll population. Yup. Truly.

The troll fx works well with the handheld format, and makes for a very fun and entertaining film, touching on a number of the classic troll stories… billy goats, living under a bridge, smelling the blood of a Christian, turning to stone in sunlight.

I was heartily surprised by how much I enjoyed this.

Of course Sunday evening was reserved for Season 2, Episode 6 of…

Lost Girl.

It’s Better To Burn Out Than Fae Away…

It was like they read my post, which Sue pointed out was unlikely as they had written and shot the ep before I even started this blog.

But finally we get to see what The Ash has over Lauren. And of course people started complaining right away about it. Personally, I thought it was a great move. Whatever The Ash had over Zoie’s Lauren had to be big emotionally or you wouldn’t believe that she would stay. And of course when Anna’s Bo finds out about it, it crushes her. But that’s called drama! If everything went smoothly for our characters (and when has it ever?) and the viewers got what they think they want, they would find something to complain about there soon enough as well. At this point I’m willing to let the writers of the show (email me we’d love to interview you!) do what they will. Let’s see where they’re taking us, and stop whining that the relationships aren’t going where you want them to.

And speaking of Zoie…

We went to see her performance again in The Untitled Work of Paul Shepard before it wrapped up its too too short run here in Toronto.

But we’ve talked at length on podcasts and blogs about our view of the film, so check those out!


During the week, as time allowed, I would relax with the occasional DVD or visit to Netflix…

And I found a family that I really missed hanging out with.

The Keatons.


So long ago now, almost 20 years. And yet, I recall this show so fondly.

And you know what, as I blaze my way through the first season, I’m halfway through already, the show stands the test of time.

This is a series that has a message in each episode, but so far, they haven’t been preachy about it. I honestly don’t remember it ever being preachy, and it still makes me laugh. Michael J. Fox was/is a huge hero of mine, and I do like spending time with this great little family again.

I of course, also make time for Castle (but I’m only on Season 3, and need to catch up there quickly!!), and as mentioned on the podcasts, American Horror Story (which apparently has been tapped for a second season already) but what characters are gonna live through the season… then again I also believe that almost everyone but the family is dead already…

It’s an odd little neighborhood…

Now I’m gonna settle in and read more of the book I adopted for Adopt An Indie Month, the increasingly entertaining Guardian Cats & The Lost Books of Alexandria. Make sure you head over to the Adopt An Indie Site on Facebook and learn more about a lot of the great books available out there!



What did you watch?



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