The Twilight Zone (1961) – The Arrival, The Shelter and The Passerby

The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series from Paramount Pictures takes me further this week, as we move deeper into Season 3. First up is The Arrival, penned by series creator, Rod Serling, ┬áthis episode had its debut on 22 September, 1961. Grant Sheckly (Harold J. Stone) is an aviation investigator, but even he’s not sure…

The Twilight Zone (1961) – Back There, The Whole Truth and The Invaders

Paramount Pictures makes sure that you know the signpost is up ahead as they continue shepherding me through The Complete Series on blu-ray. Up first this week is Back There. With an airdate of 13 January, 1961, this episode was penned by Rod Serling.  The story follows Russell Johnson’s (back for another tour) Pete Corrigan….