Doctor Who (Patrick Troughton) – The Macra Terror

This time, the Doctor (Troughton) is in some serious trouble, as he encounters the Macra for the first time! Think Giant Crabs! This four-parter aired from March 11 to 1 April, 1967, and was written by Ian Stuart Black. Arriving on an Earth colony sometime in the distant future, the Doctor, Jamie (Frazer Hines), Polly…

Doctor Who (William Hartnell) – The War Machines

Season 3 of Doctor Who draws to a close with this four-part story. Before the internet, before Skynet, The Doctor (Hartnell)¬†faced a computer threat in late 60s London. It also sees some changes in Companions. The story aired in four parts, from 25 June to 16 July, 1966 and was written by Ian Stuart Black….