I See You (2019) – Adam Randall

The thriller I See You explores some familiar territory but does it in an interesting way, as we watch the lives of the Harper family as they deal with their internal problems while the town they live in is rocked by a series of child abductions.

Jackie Harper (Helen Hunt) is a doctor who is struggling to keep her family together. She’s had a period of infidelity something that her husband, police officer Greg Harper (Jon Tenney) and her son, Connor (Judah Lewis) are having a very tough time forgiving her for. There is a lot of strain in the family and tensions are high.

It’s not helped by the fact that after a series of child abductions, mirroring ones that occurred fifteen years ago, begin. It’s also not ideal that Greg and Jackie are self-medicating, isn’t really talking to one another, and Connor is becoming reclusive, possibly dangerous, or at least that’s what we’re meant to think.

As Greg investigates with his partner, Spitzky (Gregory Alan Williams), strange things begin to happen around the Harper home, missing items, strange sounds and odd activities. Things really begin to escalate when Jackie’s ex-lover shows up at the house.

There are twists and turns, including a very interesting reveal halfway through the film, and from that point on things change almost on the minute giving a completely new perspective to the story we’re seeing play out.

The film looks really good, there’s some very nice drone camera work allowing for sweeping moving shots that couldn’t have been accomplished on the budget of a smaller film not so long ago. Those shots are well orchestrated and really give a sense of sweep and size for the film, even as we dive into a much smaller and intimate story, most of it confined to the Harper home.

It’s crisp and intriguing, and as the story moves closer to its conclusion it’s very easy to figure out what is going on. In fact, as soon as the first big reveal happens, it’s easy to piece a lot of it together, but it’s interesting to watch it play out.

The film plays to some very real fears and does it well, and of course, the mask featured in the film’s poster is a little disturbing as well. There are a number of interesting things working throughout the film, ideas of class and power but it’s also got a fun little mystery that demands to be solved.

I was pleasantly surprised by this one, and love how the whole thing played out. So if you’re looking for something a little different, and unique, while exploring familiar territory, check it out!


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