About Time (2013) – Richard Curtis

Writer/director Richard Curtis brings together an all-star cast to deliver a time-travel tale that is frequently funny, emotionally poignant and a reminder that life is pretty beautiful and amazing if we remember to take the time to appreciate it, and all the little things it shows us.

Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams and Bill Nighy star in this delightful film that has Tim (Gleeson) learning a family secret from his Dad (Nighy). It seems the male members of the family have the ability to travel in time.

Initially doubtful, Tim is shocked to discover it’s true, and the one thing he wants more than anything is love, to meet the right girl, to connect, to understand and be understood. And he finds her in Mary (McAdams), but even as he works to make sure their romance is almost perfect, he also helps those around them or empowers them to make their lives better.

That was something that really resonated with me, he could try and change someone’s past for them, but it has to be their choice to change, to improve, to be better.

There’s a lot of humour throughout the film, Nighy is, as always, wonderful, and Gleeson has just the right amount of earnestness to make his journey completely believable, the good and the bad. He also learns that changes take place around him should he go beyond certain points, which comes to mean something very important when tragedy prepares to strike the family.

Gleeson and McAdams make a wonderful couple, there’s a real sense of chemistry there, as well as an enjoyable sense of fun. Gleeson is simply wonderful and serves as a perfect reminder that we should enjoy everything that we can and that we learn to step back and enjoy the small moments, and the little things.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this one. Everything seemed to work delightfully, it pulled just enough at the heartstrings, and had enough laughs to be completely engaging. And, honestly, I find this one a much better film than Love Actually. Sure, Actually has a huge all-star cast, but this one just ended up being really up my alley, British humour, time travel, a great love story, and a reminder to enjoy life. That’s all win as far as I’m concerned.

Tom Hollander turns in a delightful performance, but honestly, Bill Nighy could do anything and I would watch him, he’s such a fantastic actor. Throw in Margot Robbie, Lindsay Duncan, Lydia Wilson, Vanessa Kirby and Richard Cordery, not to mention some gorgeous locations and beautifully shot sequences, and you have a film that is just, well, magic.

I adored this one.


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