Tangled (2010) – Nathan Greno, and Byron Howard

Tangled, a Walt Disney animated film is somehow twelve years old and is still incredibly fun to watch, and is one of those Disney films that have now become iconic and has gained an enduring amount of love.

A spin on the classic tale of Rapunzel (voiced here by Mandy Moore) the computer-generated imagery that brings the animation to life is stunning with enjoyable moments, great characters, and even some fun songs.

Mother Gothel (Donna Murphy) is obsessed with maintaining her youthful appearance. She has been using a magic flower for years, but when the flower is harvested to help save a pregnant queen, her daughter, Rapunzel, is born with magical hair – so Gothel kidnaps her, and keeps the young woman locked away in a remote tower posing as her mother.

With her pet chameleon, Pascal, Rapunzel leads a pretty lonely life and is enchanted with a lantern festival that she sees happen every year, on her birthday. Her real family does this in memory of her, but Rapunzel doesn’t know this.

Enter Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi) a charming rogue, with a secret. He’s stolen a crown frmo the castle, betrayed his partners the Stabbington brothers (voiced by Ron Perlman), and hunted by the royal guard and a tenacious horse.

When he stumbles upon the tower comedy and action ensue, as well as a little romance as Rapunzel and Flynn launch on a mission to take her to the lantern festival all while the pursuit, which also includes Gothel, grows and draws closer.

Along the way the characters learn about trust, family and love.

Wonderfully written, delightfully brought to life, Tangled is one of those fun Disney films that not only appeals to younger viewers but to older ones as well, and consequently, it’s a joy to watch. There are moments for all ages.

I saw this in the theatre with some co-workers and we had a fantastic time with it. It’s well-paced, plotted and it looks gorgeous. Both Moore and Levi’s voices feel perfectly suited to their characters, and honestly, Rider feels like a creation that Levi was born to play, and one he has played in every incarnation of the character Disney has made, from shorts to a television series, Levi is Rider.

Disney really has perfected their family entertainment angle, when you see the Disney name attached to an animated production expectations tend to be high (rightfully so) and it’s a rare thing for them to disappoint. Keep em coming Walt!


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