Fringe (2012) – Everything in Its Right Place, and The Consultant

Lincoln (Seth Gabel) gets a look at who he could be when he crosses over to the other side to help his counterpart and Fauxlivia (Anna Torv) solve a case, and give them a better understanding of the motivations of David Robert Jones (Jared Harris) in Everything in Its Right Place. Written by David Fury and J.R. Orci from a story by Orci and Matt Pitts, it first debuted on 6 April, 2012.

As the Lincolns attempt to learn where their lives diverge and how things have changed for each, the case leads them to a number of dead shapeshifters and the viewers get a glimpse of the bigger conspiracy they know exists with the alternate versions of Broyles (Lance Reddick), Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) and Jones at its center.

Trouble mounts as the team work to track down the shapehifter who has been dumping all his copied bodies, and a final confrontation comes at a high cost to the Fringe Division on the other side. However, it does give the team a big clue as to who the traitor is in their version of the unit.

But what will they do about it?

The episode ends with Lincoln offering to stay on the other side and help out with things there, now that his alternate version is gone.

The episode gives Gabel a chance to shine in his dual role and moves the mythology arc along towards the season four finale. It’s a bit of a different episode because it doesn’t really focus on our main characters, and lets the supporting cast shine.

The Consultant first aired on 13 April, 2012 and was written by Christine Lavaf.

Walter (John Noble) goes to the other side when a strange case connects the two universes and David Robert Jones is behind it!

Bodies pile up on either side of the universes when their alternate dies. Somehow things are being manipulated to connect them, and Walter is unsure of how. So over he goes to interact with Fauxlivia, who is dealing with the death of her partner, and Lincoln, who is still at work over there.

Their investigation leads them to both the other side’s versions of Nina and Broyles who are involved in Jones’ plan. Broyles, in the end, turns himself in to his alternate, and Walter is finally able to suss out what the real goal is…

Jones may have found a way to collapse both universes. Though does that mean he wants to kill everyone, including himself?

We are very obviously racing towards a season finale, and how will the Observers figure into all this? I guess we’re just going to have to wait and see! But man, loving the buildup!

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