TIFF ’22: Weird – The Al Yankovic Story

Daniel Radcliffe dons loud aloha shirts, straps on an accordion, and brings parody artist Weird Al Yankovic to uproarious life in Weird – The Al Yankovic Story. Directed by Eric Appel, who co-wrote the film with Yankovic, the film is laugh-out-loud funny as it tells a twisted, dare to be stupid version of Yankovic’s life story as the premiere parody artist of his or any time.

Filled with ‘hey isn’t that’ cameos, and great visual gags, the film is broad, unassuming and asks the viewer to come along for a wonderfully entertaining ride. Radcliffe plays it to the hilt and seems to be having a great time embracing this hyperbolic take on Yankovic’s career and life.

From a struggle with his father (Toby Huss) to his relationship with mentor Dr. Demento (Rainn Wilson) to a passionate whirlwind romance with Madonna (Evan Rachel Wood) the laughs are non-stop as the film holds nothing sacred, and messes with the viewer, and Yankovic’s own story, and delivers the goods, scene after scene.

Gut-bustingly funny, Weird is a gem, sure to delight fans old and new, and lets Radcliffe show his comedic range trapped under a curly-haired wig and big moustache. Wood’s incarnation of 80s-era Madonna is perfect, and everyone leans into their performances, playing things straight, broad and fun.

With its cavalier style, and plentiful gags, twists and reveals, this may not be the most commercial, or cinematic success of TIFF, but damn if it isn’t the one that will be the most fun. I loved it! It was just such a laugh-riot, and really reached the audience, who ate it up!

Weird screened to a sold-out audience at Midnight Madness, and this afternoon. You’ve got one more chance to check out it during the festival, Sunday the 18th at the Lightbox. But it hits Roku, where it will stream as of November 4.

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