Fringe (2009) – Night of Desirable Objects, and Fracture

Olivia (Anna Torv) is released from the hospital following her car accident, and Peter (Joshua Jackson) finds a case involving missing people that may have connections to Olvia’s own disappearance in Night of Desirable Objects.

Written by Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman this episode was first broadcast on 24 September, 2009. Olivia is suffering from heightened senses and haunted by her lack of recall about her trip to the alternate universe, but digs into the case, which we discover very quickly is not connected.

A local sheriff (Charles Martin Smith) is investigating a series of disappearances but everything isn’t what it’s supposed to be, and there’s a truly unnerving mystery at its heart.

But all of it plays as backdrop to what is really going on, the forward momentum of the mythology arc. Olivia has no clue that her partner, Charlie (Kirk Acevedo) is no longer who he seems, replaced by the assassin. And Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) sends her to see Sam Weiss (Kevin Corrigan) to help her deal with the issues that are beginning to manifest following her trip to the other side.

There’s some nice interaction between Peter and Walter (John Noble), overseen by Astrid (Jasika Nicole) and the episode also features a guest turn by John Savage and a quick appearance of Meghan Markle’s Jessup.

The series is really kicking into high gear and that whole back room with the typewriter and its reflection… spooky. But every time that room shows up right now, means that Kirk Acevedo has more to do, and he’s a great character actor.

Fracture was written by David Wilcox and debuted first on 1 October, 2009. Olivia’s work with Sam continues, frustratingly, but the team gets pulled in on a strange case that has a police officer exploding.

As they investigate, amidst Olivia suffering visions from her time in the alternate universe, they find some strange connections to their own work. It seems Colonel Gordon (Stephen McHattie) is behind the explosion, and he’s preparing for what is to come. He’s aware on some level that the alternate universe exists, he sees it as a threat that is going to come for their reality, to take over their world, subjugate and replace them.

Through it all, Olivia attempts to deal with the way her mind is trying to align the reality she’s in and the one she visited. And in a nice touch, Peter and Walter are in talks to finally move out of the hotel and find somewhere local to live, though Walter has some prerequisites.

The story continues to move forward, we hint a little bit more about Peter’s less than stellar past, as well as a hint of something involving the Observer (Michael Cerveris).

Let’s see where we go next time.

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