The X-Files (2016) – Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster, and Home Again

Fan favorite writer Darin Morgan returns to The X-Files with Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster. First airing on 1 February, 2016,

While Mulder (David Duchovny) questions whether or not he’s wasted his life chasing UFOs, aliens, and monsters, Scully (Gillian Anderson) arrives in the office with another case… a monster. But, of course, with a Darin Morgan script, you know there is going to be a lot of laughs, a lot of playing with the genre and the characters, and the pair find themselves mixed up in a hilarious case.

The mystery brings them into contact with an anxious Guy (Rhys Darby) and an Animal Control officer, Pasha (Kumail Nanjiani) who is emmeshed in a series of murders. With a strange hotel, and owner (Alex Diakun in yet another appearance) thrown into the mix, things get pretty wild, pretty quick, and as Mulder edges closer to the truth, it also seems to get more and more absurd… and perhaps is enough to convince him his life isn’t wasted, and he can believe.

There are tons of tie-ins to previous episodes, the mention of Scully’s immortality, the loss of Queequeg, the recurring stoner characters (Tyler Labine and Nicole Parker), in-jokes like Mulder’s ring tone, as well as some headstones at a cemetery he visits. Throw in a great performance by the always enjoyable Darby, and you have a real winner of an episode.

Like Scully says in the course of the episode, ‘this is how I like my Mulder.’

It’s a brilliantly fun episode, is aware that is absurd, has lots of fun with the fact, and it’s obvious that everyone is having a great time.

Home Again was written and directed by Glen Morgan and debuted on 8 February, 2016. And it’s an emotional one, as it forces Scully to confront her feelings and responsibility for William, the son she gave up for adoption to protect him, when she gets some heartbreaking news that forces her to leave an active case she and Mulder are working on.

A call from her brother reveals that her mother (Sheila Larken) is in the hospital, having had a heart attack, and not expected to recover. Scully races to be by her side, and confronts the mysteries between children and their parents, and whether or not answers can be had for them.

The case Mulder is left to work on has an artist’s creation mixed with will and a violent idea pushed into being, and it is stalking the streets of Philadelphia protecting the homeless from those who would rob them of dignity, and forcing them to relocate all in the name of another series of condos.

And while the monster-of-the-week story is a little scary, I love the emotional story for the characters, Scully, once again, is put through the emotional wringer, and both of them worry about their responsibilities as parents.

While they continue to search for the truth, because, you know, it’s out there…

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