Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 4K Double Feature

Paramount Pictures brings Angelina Jolie’s foray into the action adventure world of video game character Lara Croft home in a new 4K upgrade two pack. And while neither film quite reaches the heights that the studio was hoping for – a female Indiana Jones character seems like a surefire win to me, as long as you have a good story to back it up – the first film was successful enough to warrant a slightly stronger sequel and now both of them are ready to be enjoyed anew in High Definition!

Filled with big ideas, sone solid action sequences, and a number of familiar faces (Daniel Craig, Iain Glen, Noah Taylor, Chris Barrie, Gerard Butler, Ciaran Hinds, and Djimon Hounsou) the first big screen adventures of Lara Croft take her on a journey that allows her to reconnect with her late father (played by Jolie’s real father, Jon Voight). Her globetrotting in both films takes her around the world, and both films rarely lack for something to look at, and each film boasts reliable directors, Simon West and Jan De Bont.

The images of both films have been cleaned up nicely, though the second film, Cradle of Life fares better from the upgrade, sharpening images and colours wonderfully. Both look and sound great, and it makes you lament the fact that the scripts aren’t as strong as they could have been, and truly launched a long running franchise.

Sure Jolie’s English accent wavers on occasion, and the film never really highlights how smart this character actually is, instead intent on reminding us how attractive she’s supposed to be. Apparently audiences can’t handle beauty and brains at the same time. That’s unfortunate, because treated right, crafted properly, these films could still be going.

Instead, we’re given a duology of films that fell into the video games made into movies category, instead of an adventure action series that pushes stunts, set pieces, ancient mysteries, and the supernatural. They remain enjoyable, and now look fantastic rendered in high definition, but they could have been so much more.

The two pack comes with the 4K discs and digital codes, lacking the blu-rays which were stocked with the extras when the films were originally released, both films do, however, come with the director’s commentary. It makes a very fun, and entertaining popcorn movie addition to the home library, and I look forward to Paramount Canada rolling out more of their catalogue titles onto 4K as the year progresses.

But for now, I’m going to kick back, relax, crank the sound, and just revel in the world of Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft!

Check the collection out today and revel in some early 2000s video game action films, now available from Paramount Pictures!

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