Millennium (1998) – Siren, and In Arcadia Ego

Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) delves into the darkness this week with another pair of episodes of Millennium. Siren was written by Glen Morgan and James Wong, and first debuted on 20 March, 1998.

A cargo ship that is carrying Chinese illegals has more than its fair share of trouble when Frank discovers four dead bodies aboard, and a strange young woman who may be at the centre of their deaths – which is being classified as exposure.

But Frank soon learns more about this strange young woman, Tamara (Vivian Wu), who must be more than she seems, because records indicate she died a decade ago. She doesn’t speak English or any Chinese dialect, but when she wants to be understood, instead of merely calling to someone, she can be.

She offers Frank a happy peaceful life, if she will help him, is it a deal from the devil? or is it just a siren song? I’m wagering on the second, as the glimpse Frank was given sent him well on the way to exposure, which was how the other men died – what did she offer them?

Is she just a strange being? or is she divinely or otherwise aligned?

The glimpse Frank is given of a different life is a little too neat, and no matter how happy Frank was, I don’t think he’d truly be content, because he wouldn’t have his purpose, which will dark, definitely drives him, and is an undeniable part of who he is.

Through it all Lara (Kristen Cloke) is by his side, hoping to pull him back, as his wife, Catherine (Megan Gallagher) and daughter Jordan (Brittany Tiplady).

In Arcadia Ego was written by Chip Johannessen and first debuted on 3 April, 1998. Frank is called in to help locate two escaped female prisoners, one of whom was due to be paroled in four months. The pair, completely devoted to one another, and very much in love are Sonny (Mary-Pat Green) and Janette (Missy Crider). They have made a run for it, but are sticking close to a specific area.

Frank, with Peter (Terry O’Quinn) at his side, though Frank is less then comfortable being involved with the Millennium Group at the moment, are determined to locate the pair before the local sheriff (Ed Lauter) as he seems to be intent on capturing or killing them, while Frank is determined to figure why they ran.

Janette is pregnant, and due, investigations suggest one of the guards raped her while she was unconscious in the infirmary at some point, but neither Janette nor Sonny believe that. Janette has a religious streak to her, something that shows up in the material she reads, and little clues Frank comes across, and believes, completely and totally, that this is a divine pregnancy.

When Janette begins to deliver, and endangers her own life to do it, Frank attempts to help and save the pair of women, and as information is revealed, he is left to wonder if this baby really is a miracle birth, and what that may mean.

The end of the second season is on the horizon, five episodes away, and we’re heading towards something big, because this is who we are…

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