Star Wars: Rebels (2016/2017) – Visions and Voices, and Ghosts of Geonosis Part 1 & 2

Ezra (Taylor Gray) has some strange encounters in Visions and Voices which feels like a very important episode in terms of set up for what is to come. Written by Brent V. Friedman, this episode first debuted on 10 December, 2016.

Ezra has been having visions of Maul (Sam Witwer) and seeks advice from Bendu (Tom Baker). It seems Maul has come to take Ezra with him to complete a ceremony that will separate them, caused by combining of the Jedi and Sith holocrons they opened, and give them the information they sought – Ezra looking for aid and hope for the rebellion, and Maul for the location of Obi-Wan Kenobi (James Arnold Taylor) – would it come as a surprise that the answer is the same for both seekers?

The ritual they have to perform has to take place on Dathomir with the aid of the spirits of the Nightsisters, but they will want payment for their services, and they will possess Kanan (Freddie Prinze jr.) and Sabine (Tiya Sircar) until they get it.

Ezra figures out how to best them, and Sabine finds herself a Mandalore weapon, a darksaber, amongst Maul’s acquisitions. And the piece of information that both he and Maul learn… Kenobi is on a desert planet with two suns…

Ghosts of Geonosis: Part One was written by Dave Filoni and Steven Melching and had an original airdate of 7 January, 2017.

The Ghost crew is contacted by Bail Organa (Phil LaMarr) and asked to travel to Geonosis to investigate the disappearance of a rebel squad that was sent to learn what had happened to the vanished race of Geonosisians.

They were led by Saw Gerrera (Forest Whitaker).

Arriving with Rex (Dee Bradley Baker) at their side, the crew go to work searching for their missing comrades, and seeking to delve deeper into the mystery of the planet.

They discover a clutch of battle droids and destroyers who seem to be under control of at least one surviving Geonosisian. If they can capture the being, they can call off the attacking droids, and perhaps learn what they were designing for the Empire.

But trouble keeps coming, and even as they catch up with the insect-like creature, the attacks come on the rest of the Ghost crew. As the story progresses, I found myself delighted to revisit the planet that was central to Attack of the Clones, and played a part in The Clone Wars as well, but couldn’t help wondering if some of the Geonois zombies are still wondering around.

Ghosts of Geonosis: Part 2 aired back to back with the first part, and was written by Finloni and Matt Michnovetz.As Saw begins questioning the Geonosisian christened Klik-Klak (Matthew Wood) by Ezra about what he’s doing here, the being draws something on the dirt floor a tiny circle within a larger circle, and I got chills…

But as we learn the image could have a number of meanings even as the Empire arrives to harry the rebels, Saw is determined to interrogate Klik-Klak and could care less about his rights or continued life, he sees him as nothing more than an enemy.

But we learn that the symbol, while maybe a icon for the Death Star (which we know is already under construction), also resembles the queen egg Klik-Klak is protecting as well as the giant gas canisters the Empire used to wipe out his race.

The Ghost under Hera’s (Vanessa Marshall) piloting skills gets to perform some outstanding maneuvers as they elude the Imperials and through it all, Saw begins to realise that war has its costs on both sides, and that Klik-Klak is no longer an enemy, but possibly the lone survivor of his race.

While I enjoyed the first part of this story more than the second, there were some cool moments in this one, most of them centring around the Ghost and it’s engagement with Imperials, and I loved the tying of more Star Wars threads together by bringing Bail, Saw, Geonosis all into the story, making it all one big tapestry.

That’s all for another week. Next Saturday I travel back to a galaxy far, far away for more adventures with Star Wars: Rebels. Until then may the Force be with you…

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