Star Trek: Discovery (2018) – What’s Past is Prologue, and The War Without, The War Within

Captain’s log: 1834.2

Ted Sullivan pens the next episode in the Mirror Universe arc of Discovery. It first debuted on 28 January, 2018.

Lorca (Jason Isaacs), revealed to be a resident of the Mirror Universe continues to move forward with his coup against Emperor Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh). This action forces Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) to come up with a new plan to save not only herself, but the Discovery and get it back to their own universe.

Under Saru (Doug Jones), who gets a chance to deliver an inspiring speech to the crew, the Discovery comes up with a plan to help Burnham, stop Lorca, and make sure the Mirror Universe doesn’t get an attempt to attack their universe.

On the I.S.S. Charon, the Emperor’s ship, Lorca attempts to woo Burnham to his side, as he seizes control and frees his supporters from the agonizer booths they have been sealed in.

Burnham has plans of her own, and needs Georgiou to help her.

I quite enjoy the beats for Stamets (Anthony Rapp) – both versions of him, and Tilly (Mary Wiseman) gets one or two as well. There are a lot of character and action beats throughout the episode, and whether ‘real’ Trek fans enjoy it or not, Discovery has show that it can tell a full season story, develop their characters, and take things in new, and unexpected directions.

Lorca meets his final fate, the crew rescue Burnham and Georgiou and their plan to get home gets thrown into action, but will Stamets be able to navigate the network to find their way home?

They also start to set things up for what is to come…


Captain’s log: 2257

Discovery has returned to their universe, but they overshot the time point they were aiming for, and they’ve been gone for nine months. Updated maps suggest the Klingons have won the war, or on the verge of doing so. What will Discovery find when they attempt to make contact with Starfleet?

Lisa Randolph pens The War Without, The War Within, and it first debuted on 4 February, 2018.

Returning to their universe Burnham interacts with Ash/Voq (Shazad Latif) and Admiral Cornwell (Jayne Brook) arrives with Sarek (James Frain), and they come aboard ship in an aggressive way in an attempt to make sure everything is safe, secure, and Starfleet. And through all of this, Saru (Doug Jones) has served as a brilliant acting captain.

Emperor Georgiou is offered the opportunity to assume the role of her counterpart in this universe, where she will offer tactics and advice for fighting the Klingons, until she is recruited for a new opportunity. An opportunity that may serve Ash as well, as surviving on Discovery may not be possible considering the things he’s done.

And Tilly, command material or not, personifies all that is good about Starfleet, and acceptance.

This episode, despite the things that are happening with the Klingon war and the lead up to an attack (in the next episode) of Q’onos, is mainly a character episode, tying up character moments, giving characters the moments that they’ve worked towards since the beginning of the season, all preparing for the season finale, which will bring an end to the Klingon war, as well as planting seeds for what is to come.

The first season of Star Trek: Discovery comes to a conclusion next week as the Human Adventure continues to boldly go…


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