Chuck (2009) – Versus the Third Dimension, and Versus the Suburbs

Chuck (Zachary Levi) is having problems connecting his feelings for Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and the fact that she killed a Fulcrum agent. Filmed as a special 3-D episode, this episode was written by one of the series creator’s Chris Fedak and first aired on 2 February, 2009.

Dominic Monaghan guest stars as rock star Tyler Martin, and it seems someone may be out to murder him. Casey (Adam Baldwin) and Sarah even kidnap him to find out who could be after him, especially after Chuck flashes on the assassin and grenade, an IG-88 (Star Wars reference).

Meanwhile Morgan (Joshua Gomez) has a golden ticket for a backstage pass, but who will he take?

The episode pulls out all the stops to play with the effect in all the goofy fun ways you would expect, while still telling a solid tale that lets Chuck have a bit of a day off as Tyler drags him to a night off of debauchery. But someone is determined to rub Tyler out, and Chuck too if he gets in the way.

The truth of Tyler’s secret, something he doesn’t even know, is discovered, and the team puts a plan into action to stop the baddies from getting Tyler, and the information he is unknowingly carrying.

There are lots of pop culture references in this episode, including Arrested Development courtesy of Tony Hale, and The Final Countdown, The Shawshank Redemption, Willy Wonka, and even Firefly.

All in all, a very fun episode that also touches on the changing and evolving story of Chuck and Sarah.


Chuck Versus the Suburbs was written by Phil Klemmer and debuted on 16 February, 2009. Andy Richter, and Brian Thompson, and questionably, Jenny McCarthy guest star.

Chuck and Sarah pose as a married couple on their latest mission, and encounter some very odd neighbours (it seems they are all spies). Meanwhile at the BuyMore, the team pull to help Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence) deal with the fact that his wife just filed for divorce, but that plays out hysterically when it’s revealed who he hooks up with after his dating profile takes off.

It’s also Valentine’s Day, and Sarah and Chuck want to give their covers the night off. The mission takes precedence however, and as odd as these neighbours are, things get more troubling when it’s revealed that they may be Fulcrum agents.

But it’s not only Fulcrum agents, there is some kind of psy-ops in play, with Thompson and McCarthy’s characters at the scheme’s centre. It seems they may be developing their own version of the Intersect, and that is going to cause all manner of problems for our team, and for Chuck and Sarah specifically.

More laughs, romance and spycraft next week when I delve into more episodes of Chuck!


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