Jaws of Satan (1981) – Bob Claver

Dean Cundey (!?)serves as DOP in this film that stars Fritz Weaver, and Gretchen Corbett, and a very young Christina Applegate, that has a very fun and unbelievable plot, as I delver deeper into DK Canada’s Monsters in the Movies, and settle in for Jaws of Satan, aka King Cobra.

In a small town, where a businessman is pushing for a racetrack to be open, no matter what the cost because it will be good for the town and the state (shades of the mayor from Jaws), a priest, Father Tom Farrow (Weaver) who’s ancestors had Druidic ties, and helped foil Satan’s presence on Earth before, finds himself locked in mortal battle with the Prince of Darkness, in the form of a King Cobra.

Not only does he get pulled into the mess, but Corbett, perhaps best known for her turns on The Rockford Files, is a local doctor who gets coiled up in events s well.

A slew of snakes descend on the town, driven forward by this massive cobra, that is truly kind of menacing, as the production used real snakes. Sure you can see the glass protecting the actors a lot of the time, but it doesn’t change the fact that those snakes are there and on the set.

Having said that, the plot should have been left there, a mass migration of snakes that are suddenly incredibly dangerous to humanity instead of making one of them the physical embodiment of satan.

Just saying.


That being said, there is some silly jump scares throughout the movie, but also some pretty solid work with actual snakes. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to be involved in the production, in any capacity.  Snakes. Gah.

Of course, there will be a final confrontation between Farrow and the devil, and it will come down to faith, and belief. Instead of traps, and maybe a gun or two. Instead of making these creatures terrifying in their own right, someone thought it would be a good idea to give a King Cobra some supernatural abilities.

You know, cause they weren’t scary before.

It’s as well-crafted as a low budget horror movie about satanic snakes can be, and I found myself quite enjoying the actors, though there’s a inane moment when Gretchen’s character is on her bed,and there’s a rattler at the foot of it. She has time to make a phone call and for her rescuer to get across town before the snake crosses all the way across the bed towards her.

Yeah, I get that it’s a small town, but that one frayed my last suspension of disbelief nerve.

Still, there’s a couple more nature strikes back titles coming up in DK Books’ Monsters in the Movies, so stay tuned! Or pick one up for yourself and find something monstrous to watch tonight.



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