Star Trek: Enterprise (2004) – Storm Front Parts I & II

Captain’s log: date unknown

Manny Coto launched the fourth and final season of Enterprise with the first part of a two-part story that first debuted on 8 October, 2004.

In a story that wraps up both the Xindi arc and the Temporal Cold War/Suliban thread that has been running through the series, both the Enterprise, and Archer (Scott Bakula) who was thought lost when the Xindi weapon was destroyed, find themselves in an altered 1944.

There are threatening aliens working with the Nazis, and even the reappearance of Daniels (Matt Winston) isn’t enough to help the Enterprise and her captain figure out what is going on, initially, or how to change it back.

It seems one of the factions in the temporal cold war, are going for an all or nothing gambit. Led by Vosk (Jack Gwaltney) these aliens have allied themselves with the Nazis and have tilted the war in their favour in return for the construction of a conduit which will allow Vosk and his fellows return to his own time, after they’ve completed their mission.

Archer joins the fight in America, aided by some mobsters, who are less than thrilled that the Nazis are in New York. As he finally finds a way back to the Enterprise, to be happily reunited with his crew, and confer with Daniels, Trip (Connor Trinneer) and Mayweather (Anthony Montgomery) are captured by Vosk’s forces and we plunge into a cliffhanger with the reveal of the under construction conduit.

Daniels tells Archer that if Vosk is stopped here and now, the timelines will be restored, and the Temporal Cold War will finally be over.


Captain’s log: date unknown

Coto pens the season-opener’s conclusion which aired on 14 October, 2004. Archer is unexpectedly aided by Silik (John Fleck – who gets to appear out of his Suliban makeup for part of this episode) as they work to stop Vosk, and finally put paid to the Temporal Cold War.

Alicia Travers (Golden Brooks) who was introduced as an ally to Archer in the first episode, continues to aid our heroes, and honestly, I quite like this character, Brooks is wonderful.

Silik and Vosk appear to have the same goals, but conflict between the two keeps them from uniting, and since Daniels saved Silik’s people at one point, he feels he needs to help Archer, but in his own way, and still being his devious self.

The fight for Earth, the past and the future rages across a war-torn New York City, but I’m sure everything will turn out right in the end. But it sure looks amazing while it’s going on, and then the Enterprise voyages home… It’s a nice moment considering all of the things they went through in the past season.

The Human Adventure continues next week as I continue my exploration of the final season of Star Trek: Enterprise, as I delve into The Complete Series on blu-ray, available now from Paramount Canada.

Boldly go…


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