Be More Wonder Woman (2020) – Cheryl Rickman

Hope and courage. They can sometimes be found in the most unlikely of places. Who would have dreamed that a character created ninety years ago would still be such a powerful presence in the realm of pop culture and perhaps the most recognisable Amazon ever? And who, in this time of great upheaval as the COVID pandemic sweeps the globe, can provide us with some much needed guidance.

DK Canada apparently knew when they debuted Cheryl Rickman’s Be More Wonder Woman: Fearless Thinking From a Warrior Princess.

I won’t lie. The quarantine, the isolation, the going back to work as an essential worker, none of it has been easy. It weighs on me day and night, and is taking its toll on my physical and mental health, as well as relationships. I’m finding my solace and zen where I can, and am struggling to get through the day.

When Be More Wonder Woman arrived for me to review, I wasn’t overly wowed, but like all DK Books, they prove themselves in quick order.

The book is filled with inspiring quotes and images from Diana Prince’s (aka Wonder Woman) decades long run. There’s a reason this characters and the things she says has endured. Because they are true. Because they mean something. And like the character, herself, they provide hope.


I’ve been lucky, I’ve been able to find some solace in the pages of books, and the flickering images on the screen as I delve into another binge of film and television. Not everyone can do that in these times, they can’t distract themselves with it, like I’m able to.

And that’s why little help books like these are so important. They tell you that you can be better, that you can hold yourself to a higher standard, that you can get through this. So if you, or someone you need that reminder, or you or yours are a Wonder Woman fan, do yourself a favour and treat yourself to some inspiring words, realise hope isn’t a weakness, and pick up Be More Wonder Woman from DK Books.

And just as important, if you do need someone to talk to, reach out, there are helplines available 24/7 and sometimes you just need to reach out to a friend.

Even heroes need help every now and again. So don’t be afraid to ask for it. As for me, I will be asking for more and more DK Books, and any other titles to keep my brain occupied and engaged.

Be More Wonder Woman is available now.




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