Chuck (2007) – Versus the Alma Mater, and Versus the Truth

Chuck (Zachary Levi) has some issues with his past this week when Anne Cofell Saunders pens Chuck Versus the Alma Mater. It first debuted on 5 November, 2007.

When one of his former professors Fleming (Scott Alan Smith) – a bit of a nod to James Bond’s creator – from Stanford is kidnapped, Chuck must return to his old stomping grounds and recover a disc that may have some clues to his past, and how it ties into the Intersect computer in his head.

At the Buy More Harry Tang (C.S. Lee) begins to cement his role as Assistant Manager, and Chuck and Morgan (Joshua Gomez) have to figure out a way to keep him in check.

Unfortunately, Chuck’s new mission takes precedence, as he, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and Casey (Adam Baldwin) confront Chuck’s past, and attempt to find Fleming. But they aren’t the only one looking for him, and despite being dead, all paths may lead to Bryce Larkin (Matt Bomer).

We flashback to 2003 when Chuck was at Stanford and he and Bryce – the guy who screwed up his life – are playing Gotcha! around the campus. So cool.

There’s also a nice reveal at the end of the episode that shows that Bryce did all he could to keep Chuck safe, and from being recruited into the Agency. Bryce framed him for cheating.

It makes for a nice twist, and lets you see Bryce in a new light, even though Chuck still doesn’t know that Bryce and Sarah were a thing…


Chuck Versus the Truth was directed by Robert Duncan McNeill and was written by Ali Adler and aired on 12 November, 2007.

Chuck meets a girl he clicks with, Lou (Rachel Bilson) and that causes some problems with Chuck’s cover with Sarah. Meanwhile his sister Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) has some problems of her own after she falls victim to someone, Reardon Paine (Kevin Weisman from Alias) the government is looking for.

It seems that Reardon was interrogating someone who escaped, and slipped something into her pocket before he was packed away in an ambulance. Chuck flashes on the information, but has to find a way to help Ellie without revealing his undercover life…

When Reardon shows up posing as a cop, he poisons Ellie with a pentathol patch that makes her tell the truth, and she has a moment with Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) because of it.

And what about Lou?

Sarah thinks they need to take their fictional relationship to the next level, by suggesting that they have sex. Not really, but only as part of their cover.

All of this weighs heavily on Chuck. And there’s a great climax featuring all three of our heroes dosed with pentathol even as they pursue Reardon. So they tell the truth about a lot of things, and some things are revealed. And Sarah tells Chuck that the thing under their cover, will never be anything… but is she lying to herself?

Tang gets himself reassigned, after he stumbles on a meeting between Sarah, Casey and Chuck, and the episode ends with Chuck asking to breakup with Sarah so he can pursue a real relationship with Lou.

More spycraft and geekery next week when Chuck continues…


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