Star Trek: Enterprise (2003) – Extinction, and Rajiin

Captain’s log: date unknown

LeVar Burton directs this episode that was written by Andre Bormanis. And despite Bormanis’ previous efforts, this one isn’t his strongest. First airing on 24 September, 2003, the story sees Archer (Scott Bakula) Reed (Dominic Keating) and Sato (Linda Park) slowly transforming into alien creatures after arriving on a planet.

The virus is mutating them into strange beings,and while T’Pol (Jolene Blalock) works to communicate and understand them, Trip (Connor Trinneer) aboard the Enterprise, is trying to deal with some new arrivals, led by Roger Cross, who are intent on wiping them out.

It seems the species that Archer, Reed and Sato have transformed into lost the ability to reproduce biologically, so they created a mutagenic virus that would allow their species to survive by rewriting the DNA of any other species the virus came into contact with.

It’s a good episode, though it doesn’t feel as strong as Bormanis’ other Trek efforts, and coming on the tails of the other episodes so far this season, feels like a bit of a misstep as the search for the Xindi is only mentioned briefly near the episode’s opening minutes.

Having Roger Cross show up, on the other hand, is awesome! And the special makeup effetcs, as well as the changes in dialect and body movement that Bakula and the rest affect are separate enough from their characters to convey the possibility that they are different people in this story.

Still, lets stay on track with the Xindi storyline, shall we?


Captain’s log: date unknown

Brent V. Friedman and Chris Black pen the teleplay for this episode from a story by Friedman and Paul Brown. It first debuted on 1 October, 2003.

Nikita Ager guest stars as the titular Rajiin who is working as a sex slave. When she is rescued from this life by the crew of the Enterprise, Archer and the rest think they are doing her a world of good.

What they don’t realise is that this was just a move by the Xindi to get someone aboard the Enterprise to gather information on the ship and the crew.  She uses her skills of seduction to get close to a number of the crew, scanning them and compiling information.

Once Archer realises what is going on, he confronts her, and she learns about humanity, but the Xindi send a delegation to steal her and her information back. The Xindi council now have enough information to proceed with the full construction of their weapon, and develop an attack on a new front.

I liked getting back to the Xindi arc, and how they used our compassion, and our sense of attraction to work against us.

The Human Adventure continues Thursday as I explore more of Star Trek: Enterprise – The Complete Series on blu-ray, now available from Paramount Canada.

Boldly go…


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