Lego Star Wars: Character Encyclopedia: New Edition (2020) – Elizabeth Dowsett


Star Wars…

DK Canada…

What’s not to love?

Maybe it’s the self-isolation that I’m going through right now, maybe it’s allowing my inner child to surface more dominantly (who am I kidding my inner child RULES!), but I love me some Lego, and I love me some Star Wars. But the only thing I could think of leafing through DK Books’ updated edition of the Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia was… want it, need it, want it, need it, how do I get on Lego’s mailing list?

I loved the idea of combing Lego and Star Wars from the moment I first heard of it, and it has come along way, not only including the physical building blocks that is a staple of everyone’s childhood, but into video games, television shows, movie, clothes… they’re everywhere.

And that, as far as I can tell you, is not a bad thing. With the Star Wars property they have combined the fun and excitement of the George Lucas created universe with the fun and imagination of letting people build on it and make it their own.


Populating the universe, and the playsets, are the Lego minifigures. Those little, not quite cartoon adaptations of favourite characters, loathed characters, and barely glimpsed characters. And I want them all!

A lot of people will look at this bright, colourful and friendly book and see a fantastic, comprehensive compilation of all the mini-figs that are available and where to find them. Me, I see a checklist. And that’s dangerous. This could turn into an obsession. I’m a completionist, and I know that if I start down that path, forever will it dominate my destiny, consume me it will.

The book is filled with all of the characters created for the Lego Star Wars universe to date, and runs chronologically within the universe, starting with the Prequel Trilogy, and running all the way up to and including The Rise of Skywalker.

The book is filled with fun character trivia, but also fun Lego trivia as it references how pieces were created, earlier versions, and funny little asides that make you actually marvel at the amount of attention Lego puts into the creation of these little figures.

Right now, in isolation, I’ve got a Lego Millennium Falcon (set 75105) I’m working on and it both fires my imagination as each piece clicks into place, but also helps relax me… and John Williams iconic score plays in my head constantly as I do it.

DK Canada’s Star Wars books are always fun, enjoyable, and delight me to no end. This one is no exception, though it does make me want to plead with Lego to send me some  minifigs to play with.

DK Books’ Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia (New Edition) is available now. Check it out!



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