Star Trek: Enterprise (2001) – The Andorian Incident, and Breaking the Ice

Captain’s log: 19 June, 2151

Roxann Dawson directs while Fred Dekker pens the script for this episode from a story he developed alongside Rick Berman and Brannon Braga. It first aired on 31 October, 2001, and added a new and interesting wrinkle to the Trek universe.

In what became one of the defining episodes of the first season, and probably the series, we get a story that gives us a whole new slant on the Vulcans and the Andorians. We are led at the beginning of the episode that the Andorians, led by Shran (Jeffrey Combs), are causing problems for the Vulcans when they take hostages at a sanctuary known as P’Jem.

When the Enterprise arrives there, Archer (Scott Bakula), T’Pol (Jolene Blalock) and Tucker (Connor Trinneer) get involved and discover that the Andorians have a legitimate reason for their actions, the Vulcans aren’t being entirely truthful about their purpose on P’Jem.

This layers out both races in new ways. The Andorians were never given a lot of time on screen before this, and the Vulcans were always logical and perfect to a fault. No more on both counts, and it ends up being a fantastic episode. It also sets up a tenuous relationship between Archer and Shran that will run the course of the series.

The episode also gives Reed (Dominic Keating), who is in command while Archer is away, to start thinking about away team protocols that sound pretty familiar.

It’s a tightly paced, and well-executed episode that takes Trek in a direction that was wholly unexpected with this reveal about the Vulcans.


Captain’s log: unknown

Maria and Andre Jacquemetton pen this episode (the first without Brannon and Berman) which first aired on 7 November, 2001.

The Enterprise decides to investigate a comet, all while being observed by a Vulcan ship, following the events of The Andorian Incident.

We also see the beginning of a relationship between Trip Tucker and T’Pol, even though things become invasive when Hoshi (Linda Park) finds an encrypted message between the Vulcan ship and T’Pol.

While the Vulcans lurk at the edges, watching things, Reed and Mayweather (Anthony Montgomery) take a shuttlepod to the comet to conduct a survey. While things are happening in personal lives on the Enterprise the pair find themselves in some trouble and in need of a rescue.

There’s a fun bit as the crew answer a list of questions sent by an elementary school class, which nods to the interactions NASA does to classes. It’s fun, but it also allows new viewers who may still be finding the series to have a crash course on the series.

The series continues to build its characters and round out the continuity they exist in. It makes for a nice reality, even if there are missteps along the way.

The Human Adventure continues Thursday with more episodes as I explore Star Trek: Enterprise – The Complete Series on blu-ray, available now from Paramount Canada.

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