Moonlighting (1988) – Fetal Attraction, and Tracks of My Tears

Hey look, we’re on episode nine of season four of Moonlighting, and our leads Maddie (Cybill Shepherd) and David (Bruce Willis) still aren’t sharing a scene together. Fetal Attraction was written by Charles H. Eglee and Roger Director from a story by Ron Osborn, Jeff Reno and Kerry Ehrin. It first debuted on 19 January, 1988.

David is doing everything he can to prepare for the arrival of Maddie’s baby. He decides to even take some lamaze classes but he doesn’t quite cut it. However, when an unwed mother, Terri (Brooke Adams) asks for his assistance he agrees to help out.

Still, there’s some great stuff in the episode, Bert (Curtis Armstrong) and Agnes (Allyce Beasley) are still a joy to watch, but the spark of the series is long gone, I’m sorry to say.

Despite the fact that Maddie and David don’t share scenes, there is some nice banter going on with David and the other characters, especially with Agnes.

There is a lot of heart in this episode, and some fun potential with David and Terri. David is really put himself out there, so that he can be the best that he can be, meanwhile there isn’t a glimpse of Maddie to be seen – except for a couple of solo scenes where she’s deciding what to do – she has a phone call with Agnes, a moment with her parents, and probably is getting ready for the next episode.

Business-wise apparently, Blue Moon is still working on cases, the offices are open, but it’s still very much the non-existent relationship show.


Tracks of My Tears was written by Judith Kahan from a story by Debra Frank and Kerry Ehrin. It aired on 2 February, 1988.

Maddie hops on a train from Chicago back to L.A. and is troubled on the way by dreams and nightmares about David in which they are married – does this mean that our leads have scenes together? Nope, Maddie interacts with the New David (Pat Boone!) and the one scene that the actors supposedly share together you can tell they aren’t in the same scene together – well until they are, and there is a nice moment of passion between the two, but it’s gone like that.

By this point in the series, I don’t think they could stand one another.

On the trip home, she meets a systems analyst, Walter Bishop (Dennis Dugan) and they hit it off, leading Maddie to a momentous decision. And also the revelation that maybe, the baby isn’t David’s.

And what about the potential of David and Terri?

I do like that the new addition of these characters they not only layer out David and Maddie but adds a dynamic to the situation, because they are likeable. You don’t hate Walter or Terri, but we technically want to see Maddie and David together.

Still, after keeping the characters apart for the entire run of the fourth season this episode lacks real punch, and seeing them together at the end of the episode as they try to reconnect… it’s almost uncomfortable. The dream sequences aren’t as fun as they used to be. And honestly, it seems like the writing for Willis is stronger than it was for Shepherd as this story is nowhere near as strong as the one previous.

The casework mayhap continues next week, but you can be sure the pregnancy and (non) relationship stuff will as I continue my journey through Moonlighting.



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