Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – The Visual Dictionary (2019) – Pablo Hidalgo

The Skywalker Saga is over. With Episode IX, the series has come to a conclusion and as always, there is a lot of detail and design packed into the worlds we see, the characters we meet, and the ships, aliens, heroes, and villains we encounter.

DK Canada has you covered on all aspects with their new Visual Dictionary, just in time for the holidays!

That being said, this book is a little spoilery, so you should totally get one for the holiday season but don’t delve too deeply into it before you’ve seen the film.

Like the other books released in the Star Wars Visual Dictionary series, Rise of Skywalker is packed with information and pictures, as well as some truly stunning cross-sections of the new vehicles we are introduced in this instalment.  And hey, that character who was in the background or only on screen for a moment – chances are they have a name and a bit of a profile to be discovered in the pages of this beautiful book.


Get an indepth look at new friends D-O and Babu Frik, discover the names and the abilities of the Knights of Ren, or the location of the Death Star ruins on the Endor moon of Kef Bir.

There are details everywhere in the film, and in the books. These movies have gone simply beyond popcorn entertainment (they surpassed that point a long time ago) and have taken on a reality of their own, and the craftmanship that goes into bringing that reality to life on screen is beautifully documented in the pictures in this volume.

Examine weapons, gadgets, ships; discover the intricate details that layer out this galaxy. These books would have been a joy to me as a child, I would have pored over them endlessly learning all I could about the universe. Ok, not just as a child. I’ve pored over this book countless times already, and delight in all of the things I’ve discovered.

Star Wars has been a part of my life since its release in ’77, and these books are a celebration of that for me. They are like the trading cards I grew up with, giving me glimpses into a larger world that I could imagine playing in.

And I think that is what Star Wars tends to be about. Something some have forgotten. It’s about play, and adventure, and DK Books gets you in on it with their beautiful library of Star Wars books.

Join the celebration of the Skywalker Saga, and share it with those who love it as you do. And make sure they get this or one of DK Books’ other fantastic Star Wars books for the holiday season.

May the Force be with you!




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