Galaxy Quest (1999) – 20th Anniversary Blu-Ray

Somehow, the now iconic science fiction comedy Galaxy Quest is turning twenty this year. That doesn’t seem possible. It’s as if someone enhanced the Omega 13 and shot us forward in time rather than in reverse.

You see, I remember seeing it in the theater, laughing aloud at the realization that these filmmakers, these actors, they get it. They were poking fun at things I love, especially Star Trek, but not in a cruel way, more in a playful way that sidled up to me, nudhed me gently and said we love Trek too, but look how funny and outrageous some of the things in that show were.

And how about that cast? Tim Allen coming off of Home Improvement, Ripley herself, Sigourney Weaver, Shakespearan actor with Hogwarts still ahead of him, Alan Rickman, scene-stealing Sam Rockwell, Tony Shaloub, Justin Long, and Enrico Colantoni’s brilliant alien commander.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Endlessy quotable and rewatchable Galaxy Quest remains a joy to behold, and is the best kind of popcorn movie, one that is pure fun, looks great, and has a fantastic time doing what its doing.

Some twenty years on, it’s clear that the crew of the NSEA Protector have not given up, and have not surrendered, and the 20th anniversary steelbook edition is here to help commemorate that (There’s also a new celebratory documentary on its way to theatersĀ  before the year is out).

The blu-ray collects all the previously released extras, from the Thermian audio track, to the deleted scenes, from the Galactopedia created by the Okudas to looks at behind the scenes of the production, from actor profiles and their thoughts on the film to the special effects and alien work it’s all here on one disc, ready to be revisited and enjoyed anew.

The film still looks stunning, the story still hilarious, and the performances are truly on-point. This is one film where I don’t have a favorite character, or a favorite moment, every one contributes to this film, and consequently, makes it impossible to single out a favorite moment or line.

This is how science fiction comedy should be made.

Over the years there has been talk of a sequel, even an actual television series, there’s already been a comic, but I think this one is best left alone. A single, hysterical, beautiful moment captured on film, featuring a fantastic lineup of actors who were having a great time on what must have been a dream job, and a wonderful gift to not only Trek fans, but film goers everywhere.

Galaxy Quest The 20th Anniversary Steelbook blu-ray is available from Paramount Canada today!



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