Fan Expo 2019

Somehow just like that, Fan Expo, in its 25th year is over. Packed with a plethora of guests the four day event was filled with fans, booths, collectibles, tees, and a fandom moment for everyone.

I was totally eager to see how things played out this year, spending time with friends new and old, and exploring the tables (always looking for that perfect, and elusive, geek tee), and with the rollout of the celebrity guests all there to make the 25th anniversary the biggest, best year yet, I was ready!

Meeting up with the other Mind Reels team members, Sue and Lindsay, we were ready to take on all comers for the weekend, and were determined to have a good time! Even if it just meant hanging out, sitting around and catching up…


This year I was determined to snap more pics of people in cosplay, and there was a lot of that in our twitter feed, but I was absolutely delighted by the Stranger Things representation at the con, in fact, the Scoops Ahoy costume seemed to be a big hit this time around, and honestly, it looks like such a fun costume I may have to get one, though I was definitely feeling more like Hopper in my shirts.


But not only were we excited to see how the fans turned out, but also who we could talk to, and what panels we could sit in on. We got to see all of the panels we wanted, though some weren’t as engaging as we had hoped. That being said, Zachary Levi simply shone, as he not only talked and fielded questions about his career, but all the necessity for mental health. It’s a conversation that really resonated with me.


We’re hoping one day, with our credentials that Fan Expo might let us host some of the panels (how awesome would that be?) but in the interim we were glad to conduct a couple of interviews around the con. The first one we got to do was with Niagara’s Iron Man, check this guy out with his fantastic Mark 47 costume and some of the charity work he does, suited up!

Alongside Zach, there were two other panels that were on my must see list, Peter Capaldi, and The Goonies Reunion with Sean Astin, Ke Huy Quan and Corey Feldman… I grew up loving The Goonies, and it was great to hear that the trio loved the film and the experience of making it.


… and they still seem like people I would want to hang out with, especially Sean. And speaking of hanging out with people, I would have loved to have been able to go one on one with Capaldi, the man is razor sharp, compassionate, funny, and can tell a story…


And as far as telling stories, and feeling the love of the room, it was great to see Brendan Fraser in conversation…


And while we weren’t listening to stories about some of our favorite shows and movies, we wandered, laughing and chatting, and marveling at the wonders of Artist Alley, and the people who shopped and hawked their wares there.

I was also in constant search of a couple of comic books for my collection (they eluded me this time) as well as classic (and affordable to my budget) The Black Hole memorabilia.

There was tons to see, and while we missed a chance to talk to our friends at the Toronto After Dark booth (my fave film festival that Toronto hosts, and this year’s lineup looks AMAZING!), we did get a chance to talk with Micheal Christopher Heron and Andrea Fort about their comic book, Songs of the Dead (a great read!! and about their recently dropped new verse (story) in the series Necromancers Map).

Comics and art are always fun to talk about, and we also got a chance the chance to catch up with a friend, Gibson Quarter and talk about his art, and that of the collective he works with, RAID.

There was just so much to see and do… including a Smallville reunion that saw star Kristin Kreuk facetiming in to Laura Vandervoort’s phone so she could join in (she’s currently on location shooting her series), throw in Micheal Rosenbaum, and Tom Welling, and it was a lot of fun!



It was a great celebration of everything geeky, and there were some nice additions this year, including a booth presented by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not (a new series hosted by cult fave Bruce Campbell (who was there) is on the way).

We delighted in everything we came across, from an awesome Lego Star Wars display to the DK Canada booth, from the 501st to the special appearance by the cast of Kim’s Convenience and Corner Gas.

This was a Fan Expo where we not only celebrated our geekery but also being Canadian. I’ve been attending Fan Expo since I arrived in Toronto… I’ve been coming to this thing since 2008… wow.

I love it each and every year, have commented on various things, and worried over others over the decade of my attendance but one thing I do know, I will enjoy myself, and it’s never Fan Expo until I take a picture with an R2 unit.

Lots of memories of friends and guests. I can’t wait for the next one!



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