Star Wars: Last Shot (2018) – Daniel Jose Older

I’ve read a slew of Star Wars books, though not so many since the blog started as I used to. They are fun, entertaining, enjoyable, and now that they are considered canon, usually that much more detail-oriented in tying in with the rest of the universe.

Last Shot, a Han and Lando novel is all that and more. It’s a plain old-fashioned, laugh-filled romp. With a story set a few years after the events of The Return of the Jedi, and young Ben Solo has been born to Han and Leia, the tale moves back and forth through time during Lando Calrissian’s and Han Solo’s ownership of the Millennium Falcon.

Filled with familiar and new faces, the pair get swept up in an adventure that spans a couple of decades and sees their past coming back to haunt them as they get involved in stopping a scheme that could be a threat to the whole galaxy.

I don’t want to give too much away, as I didn’t even read the blurb on the back of the book, I just wanted to enjoy the adventure as it unfolded. And it was a lot of fun, from ewoks, to a surprising revelation about gungans, the book ties in with the universe very nicely, including the ongoing Marvel comic.


All of these details, just make it a more enjoyable read, because it actually feels like a Star Wars adventure that fits into everything else that we’ve seen (or read).

The dialogue is great, you can hear both the characters in it, and while some of the text is a little too modern era (reflecting our own patterns of speech and shorthand), the story is a great ride.

It puts both characters in situations that you know that have to get out of, but you love seeing how they do it. Filled with little nods and homages to things that have gone before, and things we know are going to happen, the two characters make a great pairing, even as they are surrounded by new and returning characters.

While there were some who were very, very upset about the eliminations of the Extended Universe when Disney took over the Star Wars reins, these new books have a tightened tapestry of reality in their storytelling. This is something that the Extended Universe, as much as I enjoyed, truly lacked – yes there were tie-ins, and authors had to be aware of events of other tales, but in this new version of the Star Wars Universe, you can see where, when and how everything fits.

And it can be a lot of fun in the reading and the exploring.

Star Wars: Last Shot is an incredibly fun, and funny read. If you need your fix of these two scoundrels, this one is definitely one to read.



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