A Star Is Born: Special Encore Edition (2018) – Blu-Ray Review

Gaga and Cooper fans rejoice, A Star is Born, the special encore edition version of the film comes home on blu-ray and DVD today from Warner Brothers. Boasting an additional twelve minutes of footage, the film gives a bit of a new look to the Oscar winning film.

Most of that footage is seamlessly integrated into the film, simply extending a moment, or giving us a longer look at some of the truly fantastic musical performances featured in the film. Other moments flesh out some already iconic scenes like Ally’s creation of the Shallow lyrics in the parking lot with Jackson, or watching them write a song together while on tour (which served as the image for the theatrical poster), and there’s also the inclusion of a song that wasn’t included in the theatrical version, Is That Alright? a song Ally sings to Jack during the film’s wedding sequence.

A large portion of these things work fantastically. The inclusion of Is That Alright? makes you wonder why it wasn’t included in the original cut, and some moments just layer out the characters a little more. There’s no extraneous fat in the theatrical cut, and the Encore edition doesn’t seek to restore any of that fat, they just want to give the film’s fans the complete experience – and let them decide what works best.


It looks and sounds great, the film is truly a beautiful accomplishment, but if you’re a real film buff you’ll be a little bummed that there are no new extras to round out the disc. Excluding the additions to the film, there’s nothing new here. In fact there are no extras at all. That’s a bit of a downer.

But, if you’re a fan of the film, and there are those aplenty, then you may want to simply add this to your collection to augment your previously purchased theatrical edition with its extras. It feels like a bit of a double dip, but the addition of some new music makes for a truly completely engaging experience, and watching Cooper and Gaga together, their chemistry is pretty damned riveting, and arguably worth the price of purchase – and how can you not get chills when she belts out Shallow on stage for the first time and the crowd erupts – I get them every time. That scene. Every time.

If you’ve held out on buying the film and you don’t need the extras, then this one is totally worth picking up, take it home, crank it, and enjoy the tunes, the moments, and throw yourself right into it.

Pick it up, tune it up, crank it up, A Star is Born: Encore comes home on blu and DVD today from Warner Brothers.


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