War of the Worlds (1989) – The Last Supper, and Vengeance is Mine

The war rages on this week, and Team Blackwood is seeking other experts who may be able to help. The Last Supper was written by Tom Lazarus and first aired on 6 March, 1989.

Harrison Blackwood (Jared Martin), Norton (Philip Akin), Suzanne (Lynda Mason Green) and Ironhorse (Paul Chaves) are overseeing a gathering of supposed alien experts, working with and protecting them, but suspicions begin to arise that one of them may in fact be an alien.

There’s a lot of rehashing of things we already know, and they are reminding us about everything that has gone on before, compiling all of the series known information about the aliens into one episode. There’s lots of breakdowns, full artistic renderings of what the aliens look like… in fact in terms of learning about the morthren, this is a great primer. It’s also a bit of a clip show because of it.

It’s interesting that the show tries to expand their story internationally with this episode, as I don’t remember any further contact with other countries before the end of the first season. It’s fascinating to think that the aliens are taking action in other nations, and yet still seem to be able to stay beneath the radar of the common person.

A secret war seems to be going on, and perhaps because it is secret, we’ll end up losing the war…

The episode features two high profile guest stars, Colm Feore as the Russian representative, Leonid Argochev, and James Hong as Soo Tak, the Chines expert.


Vengeance is Mine was written by Arnold Margolin and debuted on 17 April, 1989, quite a bit after the previous episode.

It seems the morthren are turning to crime this week as they conduct heists to finance their need for new weapons. But the main story focuses on Ironhorse who is kidnapped in the aftermath of an alien raid on a research station. He accidentally kills an innocent woman, and her husband, Martin (Denis Forest) wants revenge, capturing the soldier.

This ends up giving Chaves a nice episode to show the depth of his character, and how Ironhorse deals with the weight of his actions. He may shoot the baddies, and have a tough exterior, but he still has to process everything… and this one is tearing him up.

He brings into question his actions and his abilities, it’s a solid episode for his character, and if a few other episodes had been written at this level for the other characters, the series would have been the stronger for it.

It’s interesting that much like Julian Richings quick appearance a couple of episodes ago, Forest returns in season two as well as one of the main aliens.

The battle for the planet continues next week as I explore War of the Worlds: The Complete Series on DVD, now available from Paramount Pictures.


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