War of the Worlds (1988) – To Heal the Leper, and The Good Samaritan

The battle continues, and one has to wonder how badly Earth is losing to the Morthren…

To Heal the Leper is the first episode this week. It was written by David Tynan, and first broadcast on 21 November, 1988 (by which time, I had already recorded Harrison Blackwood’s (Jared Martin) intro and the opening theme to audio cassette, so I could listen to it whenever I wanted.

It seems the aliens are still having problems with the viruses and illnesses of Earth, They are suffering from an outbreak of chicken pox, and believe that they can develop their own cure by harvesting human brains (which means we have a delightfully gory opening sequence with a morgue and empty, bloody brain cavities).

Harrison, and the rest cotton to what the aliens are trying to do, but will they be able to stop the harvesting? And stopping one of the alien leaders from healing?

The episode features another appearance by Ann Robinson as Sylvia Van Buren, as well as appearance by Kim Coates! He gets to play one of the murderous aliens.

It is also interesting watching the trio of aliens, known as the Advocacy deal with the problems, and develop their plans.

As Harrison tries to suss out what the aliens are up to, investigating bloody crime scenes, Suzanne (Lynda Mason Green) and Ironhorse (Richard Chaves) attempt to tend to an increasingly ill Sylvia.

Blackwood is off on his own for most of the episode, and he gets to be a bit of an action hero in addition to a brain.


The Good Samaritan was written by Sylvia Clayton, a pen name, though I don’t know for whom. This episode first aired on 26 December, 1988.

Suzanne is doing some work on a grain that should grow in all climes (and not be affected by the aliens), and when a billionaire, Marcus Madison Mason (Alex Cord – you know, Briggs from Airwolf) hears of the opportunity, he sees a chance to make a bit of cash, but the aliens have a different plan for it, and the billionaire.

The aliens also seem so be stepping up their game by introducing a bio-weapon, a spore, that can be transmitted through food… And they now have the perfect delivery system.

When Suzanne first meets Mason he is rather taken with her, even wining and dining her, but she remains focuses on the task at hand. She’s a scientist first and foremost. And once Mason is taken over by the aliens, that may be a good thing…

Will she, Ironhorse, Blackwood and Norton (Philip Akin) deduce what is going on, and be able to stop this attack on humanity? Or will we get weighed down with soap opera-like melodrama with cheating executives?

It definitely seems like the aliens are claiming more victories, but the battle is just beginning as The War of the Worlds: The Complete Series on DVD continues.


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