War of the Worlds (1988) – A Multitude of Idols, and An Eye for an Eye

As I dug into this week’s episode, I suddenly had a flashback to my youth that I had completely forgotten about. I, of course, set the home VCR to record each week’s new episode, and when a tape was full, I’d label it, put the titles on it, and use images from my Starlog to decorate the cases. I had a number of the first season, but missed a few, and by the time the second season started I was living on my own in Nova Scotia, with a recorder, and could only watch it when I came across it.

A Multitude of Idols was written by Tom Lazarus, and first debuted on 24 October, 1988. Team Blackwood led by Harrison (Jared Martin) investigates a town that should be deserted. Spurred on by a snippet of information from a reporter, Elise Conway (Michele Scarabelli) the team attempt to investigate the unusual circumstances of the town.

Meanwhile, the aliens continue to work on cementing their position, and expanding their work. Which entails lots of gore, and possession of human hosts.

Suzanne (Lynda Mason Green), Norton (Philip Akin) and Ironhorse (Paul Chaves) tighten their relationship, and teamwork ability, despite all of them, but for Ironhorse, aren’t keen on taking orders from the government. And when the government drags its heels getting information to the team, Harrison and the rest (Ironhorse reluctantly) decide to steal it.

Through it all, Conway stays on the story, tracking her own clues to the seem location.

Once the team discovers the town, and what is going on there (resurrecting aliens) things go sideways quick… and it’s hard to tell if our heroes will win this round… but the war will continue.

The series, is starting to feel fun (if badly acted) but I can’t say I care for the credits, as mentioned before, and the horrible 90s synth score.


Eye for an Eye was also penned by Lazarus, and aired on 31 October. 1988. This episode continues the world building of the series, as it ties in strongly not with the 1953 movie, but with the famous 1938 Orson Welles radio broadcast that instilled fear across America.

The town of Grovers’ Mills was once the sight of an alien invasion, the first first foothold in a global conquest. They were fought off by the locals, and now, fifty years later the Morthren roll into town (on motorcycles) to reclaim some of their lost technology and weapons.

Harrison mentions again, that the aliens seem to have an ability to cause amnesia in humanity (despite the fact that they may already be dead, or dormant).

As they visit Grover’s Mills, they soon find out the Morthren are there, and may already have reclaimed some of their technology! Team Blackwood is joined by some of the ’38 veterans and maybe, this time, they may be able to claim a win for planet Earth.

The war for the planet continues next week as I dig into a couple more episodes from The War of the Worlds: The Complete Series on DVD, now available!


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