Aquaman (2018) – Blu-Ray Review

Despite the fact that the DCEU seems to be in a bit of a shambles, there have been two truly shining stars in the DC Extended Universe, Wonder Woman, and now, Aquaman. Due in part to the star’s, Jason Momoa, charm and presence, and the fact that this time around the story doesn’t feel rushed, and it takes its time to give us an origin story that some know, but not all, and it feels like it’s done right. It helps that the film has a solid director in James Wan behind the camera as well.

The cast is incredibly well rounded out, including Temura Morrison, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Dolph Lundgren, Patrick Wilson, and Willem Dafoe, and they are all plunged into the spectacle that is the Aquaman experience. To argue that it is anything more than that could be tough.

The computer generated images look fantastic, and they make this a much brighter film than the series previous entry, Justice League. Momoa and the cast bring a sense of fun to the spectacle, and the cast invest it with as much authenticity as they can.


It’s a fun, bright entry into the DC cinematic universe, and it brings Arthur Curry to the screen in a delightful, explosive way that showcases Momoa’s talent, and surrounds him with some top-notch actors.

The film happily embraces Curry’s origin story, adapting it to the big screen in an awesome sprawling epic film.

It doesn’t need to be mentioned, but the digital transfer for the blu-ray disc looks and sounds gorgeous. Images are sharp, sound is intense, and it makes for a very enjoyable home theater experience.

The disc itself comes packed with extras and include a look at Momoa’s training to take on the role of Arthur Curry aka Aquaman (as well as the training undertaken by the baddies in the picture), a look at the creation of the film, a profile on Wan, a look at the Black Manta (played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and the history of the comics. There is a look at the females heroes featured in the story, a brief glimpse into Momoa and Amber Heard’s on-screen chemistry that helps bring the emotional side of the story to life, the visual effects, and the creatures that inhabit Atlantis and the underwater realms Aquaman rules.

The extras also include a look at the tech of the realm, and the filmmaking tech that brought it to life, a scene study breakdown, and a sneak peek of Shazam!

All in all, Aquaman is a very strong entry into the DC pantheon and makes for a very enjoyable ride. And I love that James Wan, the director has so easily made the jump from horror films to superhero movies, and that he did it so well.

Aquaman swims home on blu-ray and DVD today!



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