Pet Sematary 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray Review

Pet Sematary is remembered fondly by many, and in honor of its 30th anniversary, and the upcoming release of the new adaptation, on April 5th, Paramount Pictures unveils a new edition, with all new extras to celebrate!

Before we get to the actual disc, can we talk about the fantastic cover art for this edition? I don’t usually rave about the covers, as most of them are replicas of the poster, or photoshopped image, but this one looks like it pays proper homage to the original cover of the novel by Stephen King, and the faux wear and stress around the edges lends to that feel.

The film itself still has the power to disturb, but you are also reminded that the majority of the cast are television actors and the look of the film does feel dated. That doesn’t make it bad, it just reminds us that it was a different time. You can see all late 80s horror movies, in the look of this film.


While there are are differences to the original novel, there are little moments that were in the book that are in the film (the way Church sticks to the frozen grass and is slowly lifted up, is an image that has stuck with me for a long time). This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, however, since King wrote the screenplay.

The film stars Dale Midkiff, Denise Crosby, Fred Gwynne (the highlight of the film) and a menacing toddler, Miko Hughes. Midkiff and Crosby are the Creed family, who with their daughter and son Gage, (Hughes) move to a small Maine town. When tragedy strikes, the family is plunged into horror when they are shown an ancient burial ground, one where the dead don’t stay that way.

But as has become the tagline of the film, we, and they, learn that sometimes dead is better.

Extras on this new edition include a commentary by director Mary Lambert, a new retrospective short, called Fear and Remembrance, which shares thoughts of the original with the new film, and another called Revisitation, which has new interviews with Mary Lambert. The disc is rounded out with image galleries and the original special features, including a look at King’s writing, and his work on Sematary, it also features interviews with the cast and director, the way the characters came to life, and a look at the making of the film itself.

This is very much the edition of the film to have, it’s a gorgeous, newly remastered transfer, the extras are very enjoyable, and the film itself is prime 80s horror. And isn’t it tome to revisit it? Especially with the new one coming out in a week?

Pet Sematary, the 30th Anniversary Edition, is available today from Paramount on blu and DVD!



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