Unsolved Murders: True Crime Cases Uncovered (2019) – Amber Hunt & Emily G. Thompson

DK Canada’s latest release invites you to investigate the darker corners of the human psyche, as authors Hunt and Thompson take you through twenty of the most gruesome unsolved murders that have haunted society since their occurrence.

I think all of us, to some degree or another, are fascinated by the darkness within the human soul, and are often shocked by the levels of violence and hatred that we as a species can dole out to one another. That book realizes that as well, and tempts you with some troubling cases.

Coming in at 175 pages, index included, we don’t delve deeply into each case the authors present us with, but are given a very healthy overview of the facts, and suppositions of  each case. Details are given out that may haunt some readers, and the glossy images staring out may invite you to explore further a specific horror.

From well known cases like the Black Dahlia to Jonbenet Ramsey, the book also brought some lesser known subjects for examination as well, such as a case featuring a shark and a tattooed arm, and the truly unnerving Hinterkaifeck murders of 1922.

DK Books are always known for their use of images, and the way they present their information, and Unsolved Murders is no different. Each case parcels out the facts of the case and suspects in segments, and there is a diagram of the crime scene(s) that indicate where bodies and evidence are found to help the reader visualize.


Coupled with all are little snippets of information that may have bearing on the cases, including the political or social atmosphere at the time, rises in crime, any number of factors that could come in to play.

And of course, there are the suspects presented, and sometimes, frighteningly, the lack thereof.

I think part of the enjoyment found in books with such dark material is that it appeals to our inner Sherlock Holmes. We hope perhaps to peruse the evidence and see it fit together in a way no one else has seen before, and be the one to solve a murder that has stumped people for so long.

This is a tip of the iceberg book for those armchair detectives, a handy reference, and incredibly readable book that may invite the reader down the rabbit hole for any particular case, and turn into a fascination, as clues are discovered, and suspects, and theories brought to light.

While the subject material may be dark, the authors have made it a fascinating and engaging read, even as it unnerves you with the realization of how dark humanity can be.

Take a peek into the darkness with DK Books’ Unsolved Murders: True Crime Cases Uncovered, available now!




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