Miami Vice (1987) -Heroes of the Revolution, and Contempt of Court

John Schulian pens the final episode of the season from a story by Dick Wolf, and the third season closed out on 8 May, 1987.

Gina (Saundra Santiago) started the season with Irish Eyes are Crying, and she ends the season with Heroes of the Revolution when she is used by a Eastern European spy, Klaus Herzog (Jeroen Krabbe) to draw out a murderer. A murderer, Pedrossa (Shawn Elliott) who may have been responsible for the death of Gina’s mother back in Cuba in ’61 and is now in Miami as a rising dealer.

Santiago plays Gina’s mother in flashbacks, as well as her regular character.

And of course, Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson) and Ricardo Tubbs (Philip Micheal Thomas) have to be involved, as it is there show after all. But only long enough to head out of town as they trail a dealer, leaving Gina to deal with Klaus.

Besides Santiago, Edward James Olmos’ Castillo gets some overdue screen time as he investigates Herzog’s history through his agency connections. And despite her lieutenant’s warning about bringing him in, she ignores the order to learn more about her mother, not realizing that he will manipulate her to draw Pedrossa out.

The sequence in the 60s which opens the episode, could have been shot better, it doesn’t look like the era, even with period appropriate attire, it still looks, stylistically as if it were shot in the 80s.

Music for this episode includes Nancy Reed’s Jazz Singer, and a trio of tunes performed by Santiago, Stormy Weather, Begin the Beguine, and Someone to Watch Over Me.


Contempt of Court was written by Peter McCabe, and the season four opener debuted on 25 September, 1987.

A longer haired Crockett and bearded Tubbs are working on taking down a portion of organized crime, and have gotten as far as the court room, but there is intimidation of the jury, and Crockett’s got a hidden witness whose location he won’t reveal. Something that may see him end up behind bars… in contempt.

Guest stars include Meg Foster, and Stanley Tucci. Tucci stars as the baddie on trial, Mosca, and Foster plays attorney Alice Carson.

Tunes in this episode include Yello’s Call It Love.

This one is a little slow, especially considering it’s the season opener. You really don’t want to see Sonny and Rico in court, where they aren’t even the main characters, you want to see them undercover, with flashy cars, chases, great music, 80s fashions and some sharp editing.

That’s ok though, there are so many more episodes coming and I do love my time with Crockett and Tubbs. So happily, there are more cases next week as I continue to prowl the streets of Miami Vice.



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