V- The Series (1984/1985) – Reflections in Terror, and The Conversion

Diana (Jane Badler) continues to be up to no good this week as the battle for Earth continues in Reflections in Terror. This episode was written by Chris Manheim, and it debuted on 21 December, 1984.

Visitor leader Diana gets her hands on some of Elizabeth’s (Jennifer Cooke) blood which allows her to create a clone, unfortunately she is unable to control it, and it sets off in search of Elizabeth with one intention, killing her.

Diana sends Laird (famed and immediately recognizable character actor Anthony James) after the clone to recover it. I’m not sure Diana is too worried about Elizabeth, she just wants the clone under her control.

Nathan Bates (Lane Smith), meanwhile, tests Julie’s (Faye Grant) loyalty as he plans to destroy the Resistance headquarters.

The episode sees the return of Chris Farber (Mickey Jones) which is good for Ham Tyler (Micheal Ironside) as the duo make a good pair. Unfortunately with the presence of a little girl, and the holiday season (the story not only aired near Christmas, it is a Christmas story) Tyler gets a little too out of character – and he gets a bit of backstory filled in which just comes in as silly. Not the subject matter, but the fact that it comes up in this episode, and then allows for sappy Ham by the end of the episode – they were trying to de-fang the character, and that may explain Ironside’s departure after the next few episodes.


The Conversion was written by Brian Taggert and first aired on 4 January, 1985.

The episode sees Ham and Kyle (Jeff Yagher) captured by the Visitors, and Tyler is put through the conversion process. It is overseen by Charles (Duncan Regehr), the newly arrived envoy of the Leader.

And surprise, Lydia (June Chadwick) isn’t dead, she survived Diana’s assassination attempt, and now works with Charles.

Tyler is programmed to kill Donovan (Marc Singer), and for this episode, Tyler seems to have regained his bad-assness.

Elizabeth offers herself up for a prisoner exchange. But the Resistance sees a chance to grab Lydia instead, and then use her to get their people back.

The conversion process has changed since we saw it in the mini-series, but Ham’s conversion also uses the info we learned in the previous episode about his wife and daughter, to break him, and turn his hate towards Donovan. But he also knows he’s undergoing conversion, and fights to hold on. And that may be the key to his and Donovan’s survival at the end of the episode.

It feels, once again, more like melodrama than science fiction adventure, but it’s still kind of cool. But the series has already come a long way down from its origins, and there are still nine more episodes to go.

The battle for Earth continues next week when V – The Series continues.



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