Star Trek: Voyager (1996) – Sacred Ground, and Future’s End: Part I

Captain’s log: stardate 50063.2

Robert Duncan McNeill directs this Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) episode that was written by Lisa Klink from a story by Geo Cameron. It debuted on 30 October, 1996.

When Kes (Jennifer Lien) is injured during an away mission to a planet’s sacred ground, the captain undertakes a take quest to help restore her to health, a quest that will challenge her own beliefs.

She has to give herself over to faith and belief, and not just science, as she goes through a ritual to gain the information, and the help she needs. Her guide, played by Becky Ann Baker, is a lot of fun, and teaches her accordingly.

This one is a little lame, and I’m glad to put paid to it. but on the plus side, Harry Groener makes an appearance in this episode.

The idea of course that something can be more satisfying spiritually than it is when it is quantifiable and can be explained by science is a cool and interesting one, and one can see that something like that can have quite an effect on people, but in terms of the episode and its storytelling, for me… it just didn’t work.

There’s no real b-story, there is simply Neelix (Ethan Phillips) and the Doctor (Robert Picardo) aboard ship trying to figure out what is happening with Janeway (they are tracking her and studying her bio-chemistry in case there’s a key to saving Kes) while they worry about their patient.

It’s nice to get this one out of the way. A good idea, but not as strongly executed as it could have been.


Captain’s log: stardate 50312.5

Brannon Braga and Joe Menosky pen this episode that brings some time travel into the Voyager series. It first aired on 6 November, 1996.

Ed Begley Jr. guest stars as Henry Starling, and the crux of the story seems to hang on him. We are first introduced to him in 1967 when he witnesses something in the High Sierras that shouldn’t be possible.

When we join the crew of the Voyager, in the 24th century, they are encountering a Federation timeship that through a series of incidents, sends the two starships traveling back in time to the 20th century.

The timeship ends up in the 60s where Starling finds it, and establishes a company that benefits off of the technology. The Voyager, and her crew end up in the 90s, where they have to correct the timeline. Though it’s thanks to the fact that they and the timeship traveled back to the 20th century that we had the computer age when we did.

They get some help from Sarah Silverman’s Rain Robinson, who works for SETI (after a grant from Starling) in a station at the Griffiths Observatory. Starling is determined to get more tech, and Rain just wants to make contact, and both are aware that the Voyager is in orbit.

The episode looks great, with lots of location work, and very much presents the 90s styles as they were at the time. Of course, it was when this series was shot, but seeing it now, it’s a fun little time capsule. One that ends on a cliffhanger that leaves the history of the future in jeopardy, has the starship appear on the news, and somehow, the Doctor appearing in Starling’s office.

We’ll find out what happens next week as I continue to explore Star Trek: Voyager – The Complete Series on DVD from Paramount Pictures…

Boldly go.


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