Miami Vice (1987) -Viking Bikers From Hell, and Everybody’s in Show Biz

Things are going to get interesting this week, I mean with a name like Viking Bikers From Hell, you know this one has to be good. Written by Dick Wolf and Micheal Duggan from a story by Water Kurtz (actually John Milius), this episode debuted on 3 April, 1987.

A vicious motorcycle gang is seeking revenge for the death of their friend, a dealer, by killing (and planning to kill) off those who work with him, and buy from him, including Sonny Burnett, Sonny Crockett’s (Don Johnson) undercover alias.

Crockett is the one actually responsible for the dealer’s death, as it went down in an clean shoot, but that isn’t going to stop the bikers from trying to figure out who was responsible even if it means killing everyone the dead man ever dealt with.

Crockett, Tubbs (Philip Micheal Thomas) and the team, stake out the funeral, as do the bikers’ and their leader, Reb (Reb Brown) and they are drawing up their hunting list. As the bodies begin to pile up, Crockett’s life may be the next one in the cross hairs.

Can Crockett and Tubbs stop Reb before he takes down Crockett? You can be sure that by the end of the episode things are going to get explosive and violent, and our team will put their lives on the line to put paid to these baddies, who seem intent on going out in a blaze of glory.

Music in this episode includes Valhalla by Chris Barr, Who Do You Love by George Thorogood and the Destroyers, Simply Red’s Heaven, and The Damned’s Tightrope Walk.

Watch for an appearance by awesome Canadian actor, Kim Coates.

viking bikers

Everybody’s in Show Biz is the penultimate episode of season three. It was written by David Burke from a story by Reinaldo Povod and Dennis Cooper. It debuted on 1 May, 1987.

Two brothers, one of whom, Mikey (Micheal Carmine) an ex-con who wants to be an actor, rob a dealer while he’s with Tubbs, they make off with a briefcase with important info inside, and soon find themselves in the line of fire as the dealer, Don Gallego (Paul Calderon) hunts them down to reclaim what is his.

Mikey has a loose wire or two, and is undeniably ill, and while he may have had the potential to be a genius at one point, he’s squandered it now, even as he devotes his time to his small community theater.

While Sonny tries to get info out of Mikey, Tubbs continues to try to deal with Gallego, both of them come up against dead ends. But how will it all play out? Mikey’s life hangs in the balance, but as we know the way things play out on this show, I’m sure it’s not going to end well.

The tunes in this episode are all Chris De Burgh, a trio of songs that all segue into one another, The Leader, The Vision, and What About Me?.

Look out for a very young Benicio del Toro as Mikey’s brother, Pito.

Next week, we close out season three and dive into season four as I prowl the streets of Miami Vice.




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