Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1996) – Accession, and Rules of Engagement

Station log: stardate unknown

Jane Espenson pens this episode that first aired on 24 February, 1996. It shakes things up for the Bajorans and the station a little, when a three hundred year old Bajoran craft emerges from the wormhole, and its occupant, Akorem Laan (Richard Libertini) claims to be the Emissary…

Which would mean Captain Sisko (Avery Brooks) is not. Something he’s not too troubled by initially, but it shakes others, like Kira (Nana Visitor).

The episode also sees the return of Keiko O’Brien (Rosalind Chao) to the station after a prolonged absence, and O’Brien (Colm Meaney) deals with being a family man again, and the affect that has on his friendship with Bashir (Alexander Siddig).

She also brings some news that shakes up the Chief.

Sisko and Laan confer after Laan’s interpretation of the Prophets words suggests a return to a brutal caste system, which could see Bajor leaving the Federation.  Finally the pair have to take a runabout, and enter the wormhole in an attempt to contact the Prophets to see which is truly the Emissary.

The encounter they have there reveals more about them, and Sisko, as he slowly begins to settle into his role, and accepting his place as an almost religious icon for the Bajoran people.

This is a great episode, and I love that Espenson wrote it. She is one of my fave writers, especially in the nature of episodic television, and it makes me wish she had written more.


Station log: stardate 49665.3

LeVar Burton directs this Worf (Micheal Dorn) heavy episode that first aired on 8 April, 1996 and was written by Ronald D. Moore from a story by Bradley Thompson and David Weddle.

Worf is being held for an extradition hearing by the Klingons, after the Defiant fires on and destroys a transport full of Klingon civilians.

The station crew are cross-examined, and the I like how the testimony is portrayed. Those being interviewed break the fourth wall of the scene as they provide their information to the court.

Sisko eventually figures out what is going on, an attempt to completely discredit Worf and return him to the Empire, but turns the tables on the advocate, and proves his officer’s innocence.

I love seeing Sisko go to town on the advocate as he traps him with logic, knowledge, and insight. It makes for a nice moment, and proves Sisko continues to be an amazing captain,

The Human Adventure continues Thursday with Voyager, and then next week with more Deep Space Nine as The Complete Series on DVD, now available from Paramount Pictures, guides me on the epic seven season journey.


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