Star Trek: Voyager (1996) – Dreadnought, and Death Wish

Captain’s log: stardate 49447.0

Torres’ (Roxann Dawson) past catches up with her in this episode directed by LeVar Burton and written by Gary Holland. It first aired on 12 February, 1996.

A Cardassian missile, known as Dreadnought, has ended up in the Delta Quadrant. It’s computer intelligence believes it is still in the Alpha quadrant, and it is seeking an inhabited world to mark as its target.

Dreadnought was reprogrammed by the Maquis, specifically, Torres, to target a Cardassian world and now it is her problem to deal with, and stop before it finds a world it believes matches the requirements it has been programmed for.

We also see an increase in Paris’ (Robert Duncan McNeill) disobedience and apparent difficulty in getting along with Starfleet personnel. There is also the continuing thread of Jonas (Raphael Sbarge) feeding information about the Voyager to the Kazon, as well as the more joyous arc of Ensign Wildman’s (Nancy Hower) pregnancy.

It’s a good episode for Torres as she, and the viewer, see how much the character has changed from her time with the Maquis to who she is now.

This, much like Prototype before it, ends up being a great Torres episode, and Dawson shows that they are more than able to hold the limelight in a Trek story.

In the end, they resolve the situation and are able to continue their journey home, but a little changed from their actions, and grow because of it.

torres dreadnought

Captain’s log: stardate 49301.2

Micheal Piller pens the script from a story by Shawn Piller that brings the Q Continuum into the lives of the Voyager crew. First airing on 19 February, 1996, it introduced a new face of the Q in the form of well, Q, but called Quinn (Gerrit Graham) to avoid confusion.

Quinn was trapped in an asteroid by the Continuum, as he wants to end his existence, and when Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) is put in a precarious protection when Quinn asks for asylum. Unfortunately Q (John de Lancie) arrives and things go sideways fairly quickly.

The Voyager is batted about the universe as the Qs chase one another across the realms, but with Quinn’s request, Janeway must come to a decision on how to act. The captain holds a hearing to see if asylum should be granted, and what that would mean for Quinn.

And of course, if Janeway finds for Q instead of Quinn, he’s hinted that he may bring the Voyager home…

Despite the humor running through the episode as the Qs interact with one another and the crew there is an actual important theme to the story, as the idea of the right to end one’s life is brought under the scope.

The Human Adventure continues next week as I patrol with Deep Space Nine, and journey home with Voyager, exploring both classic shows in The Complete Series packs available on DVD from Paramount Pictures.

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