Indiana Jones and the Genesis Deluge (1992) – Rob MacGregor

Chicago 1927

Indiana Jones is back in Chicago after his teaching job at the University of London falls through. Still reeling from the death of his wife Deirdre, he heads back to the States where he finds his old friend Jack Shannon still playing jazz, but getting into the Family business.

The pair soon find themselves caught up in an adventure that takes them to Turkey as they find themselves on the hunt for Noah’s Ark, believed to be atop Mount Ararat. But Indy, and his friend aren’t the only ones.

The pair have been recruited by a Russian soldier, and his daughter, Katrina (whom both Americans start to fall for) in this hunt for a holy relic. But Bolsheviks from Russia are out to stop them as well as a dangerous sect in Turkey itself.

Will Indy find this Ark? And would the world believe him if he did?


This is MacGregor’s fourth Indiana Jones book, and he’s definitely developed a storytelling style and a mythology over the course of the four books. Some of which is good, some of which, not so much. He doesn’t have the action beats down, and some of his dialogue doesn’t always sound like Indiana Jones. He does try to ground a lot of his story in a reality that ties in with actual history, which is nice, but the mystical encounters near the end of the books need to be dropped.

In this book, Indy doesn’t even get close to Ararat until the last thirty pages or so, he and Katrina get kidnapped and are stuck in an underground city, which would have been a pretty impressive sequence on the big screen.

The discovery could have been made a little more ambiguous, but the mystical card played at the end of the book is a little too on the nose.

That being said, I am enjoying these books, and I like seeing the time between 1922 and 1935 getting filled in. There is a mention, briefly, of Marion in this book, and that’s unfortunate as I was hoping she would appear in a later book, and we’d learn a little bit more about what happened with Indy, Marion and Abner.

It was fun to see Jack Shannon in this book, and it feels like he gets a proper send off at the end, so Indy may be a little more solo next time around, when he goes after the Unicorn’s Legacy…












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