Miami Vice (1985) – Bushido, and Bought and Paid For

Castillo (Edward James Olmos who also serves as the director of the episode) takes center stage in the first episode up this week. Bushido was written by John Leekley and first aired on 22 November, 1985.

The Lieutenant is asked by an old friend from the CIA, Jack Gretsky (Dean Stockwell) to help get his Russian wife and child away from the KGB. Gretsky has been skating on the edge, and may be involved with criminal activity, something that will force Martin Castillo to choose between his duty and his loyalty to a friend.

But of course, in this show, things aren’t even going to be that easy – for any of the characters. Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson) and his partner, Ricardo Tubbs (Philip Micheal Thomas) try to help their friend and boss out as much as they can, but it’s spy vs. spy with a family caught in the middle.

It’s all going to come down to Castillo.

Jerry Hardin and Tom Bower make appearances as CIA agents.

The episode makes callbacks to Golden Triangle from last season, as well as Castillo’s work with government agencies in the past, including his time in Vietnam. It’s a taut episode, one that shows that Olmos can walk the line between actor and director ably, and highlights his character brilliantly.

It’s dark, and very much in the visual style of the series, and is yet another example of a standout episode in a series that has a number of them.

Music includes Boys and Girls by Bryan Ferry and Kate Bush’s Hello Earth.

bushido castillo smiles 2

Bought and Paid For was written by Martin Kupfer and first aired on 29 November, 1985.

It tries to balance a very dark story (an all too common story) with something a little lighter. One of Gina’s (Saundra Santiago) friends, Odette (Lynn Whitfield) is assaulted and raped by Nico Arroyo (Joaquim de Almeida) in Gina’s apartment.¬†Evidence is circumstantial and Odette doesn’t want to testify against him, but Gina is determined to bust him. It’s a dark story, that tries not to shy away from the subject matter (difficult considering the time).

And when she thinks about testifying Arroyo makes a dangerous move, threatening her mother by bringing her into Miami.

The episode features a callback to the last major Gina-centric episode that serves as a gut punch reminder for both Sonny and the audience. And of course Odette’s arc ends darkly, and pushes Gina into action.

The lighter story features Izzy (Martin Ferrero) leaving a bust by stealing Switek (Micheal Talbott) and Zito’s (John Diehl) bug mobile.

The casting of musical guests continues with an appearance by El DeBarge as a club singer, and tunes this time out include Bass and Trouble by Sly and Robbie, You Wear It Well and Rhythm of the Night by El DeBarge, I’m So Afraid by Fleetwood Mac and Cold Wind Blows by Karla Bonoff.

The cases continue with Sonny, Rico and the rest as season two of Miami Vice continues next week.

Bought and Paid For Gina Nico gun


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