Miami Vice (1985) – Junk Love, and Tale of the Goat

Music legend Miles Davis makes an appearance in this week’s Miami Vice installment, appearing in Junk Love that was written by Julia Cameron and first aired on 8 November, 1985.

Davis plays the Ivory Jones, he runs a high-class bordello that Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson) and Ricardo Tubbs (Philip Micheal Thomas) bust. In the course of the investigation, they learn that one of his girls, Rosella (Ely Pouget) is a druggie, and also the center of an unhealthy obsession. She has caught the eye of a dealer, Silva (Jose Perez) and nothing will break his fascination with her. He worships her, and his money, and perhaps more, keeps her tied to him.

We learn that Castillo (Edward James Olmos) was aware of Silva when he was working in Southeast Asia, and by using Jones and the resources of the team, they do their best to bring down Silva.

But Rosella’s need for a fix may be the undoing of the entire case. Sonny and Rico try to keep her focused on the case, but what if her need overrides everything? And Sonny’s life may be in danger when Silva begins to suspect the real identity of the detectives.

And what happens when the vice cops discover the real nature of the relationship between Rosella and Silva? Will they be able to stop the inevitable conclusion?

Songs in this episode include True Love by Wang Chung, Bryan Ferry’s Slave to Love, and Little by Little by Robert Plant.


Tale of the Goat first aired on 15 November, 1985, and was written by Jim Trombetta.

Crockett andTubbs proves that voodoo and vice don’t mix when he goes after a voodoo chief, Legba (Clarence Williams III) who seems to have returned from the dead to collect on an old debt.

Aspects of the religion are played pretty broad, as is the concept of the zombie (the real life version as discovered by anthropologist Wade Davis), but it definitely wants to play as an unusual type of Vice episode. Of course, it isn’t quite as trippy as it could have been, or frightening either. There is a lot of play room they could have explored, but missed out on.

As the group investigates Tubbs goes undercover during one of their religious ceremonies, without taking the entire thing seriously, and you know it’s just going to come back and bite him in the ass.

Will Crockett be able to get him out in time?

Music in this episode includes Phantom Living by The Fixx, Transformation by Nona Hendryx, Red Rider’s Can’t Turn Back, and Flesh by Todd Rundgren.

There’s a lot of moody smoke in this episode, which doesn’t always work with the Miami Vice look, but the tunes always do.

There are more investigations with Crockett, Tubbs, Castillo and the rest next week as I delve deeper into season two of Miami Vice.


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