Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1995) – Through the Looking Glass, and Improbable Cause

Station log: stardate unknown

Robert Hewitt Wolfe and Ira Steven Behr take us back to the Mirror Universe with this episode that first aired on 17 April 1995.

Sisko (Avery Brooks) ends up there and finds himself recruited to save an alternate version of his wife, and convince her to join the Terran Rebels. The mirror version of O’Brien (Colm Meaney) arrives aboard the station and kidnaps Sisko.

He informs the commander that they need his help to convince his wife, Jennifer (Felecia M. Bell) – lost at the battle of Wolf 358 in the Prime timeline – to escape Terok Nor (Deep Space Nine under Cardassian/Bajoran control) and leave the work she is doing there under threat.

Voyager’s Tuvok (Tim Russ) plays a member of the rebellion working with Sisko, Bashir (Alexander Siddig). In this realm it seems he and Dax (Terry Farrell) have an intimate relationship, and Kira (Nana Visitor) continues to encourage her own passions while she runs the station with Garak (Andrew Robinson).

When they are ‘betrayed’ by Rom (Max Grodenchik) Sisko and O’Brien are captured, and end up exactly where they need to be. But Jennifer is not the person she is in Sisko’s universe, and he may not be able to convince her to join his rebellion.

Will they be able to escape Terok Nor? Will Jennifer join the fight? Will Sisko get home? Sometimes you can go back to the well too many times, but as far as I’m concerned Trek hasn’t reached that point with the Mirror Universe yet…


Station log: stardate unknown

Avery Brooks directs this episode from a teleplay by Rene Echevarria; crafted in turn from a story by Robert Lederman and David R. Long. It debuted on 24 April, 1995.

Odo (Rene Auberjonois) is called into investigate when a bomb destroys Garak’s shop. The security officer investigates the crime to try to discover who and why someone would want Garak dead.

Odo, with Garak in tow, run down leads and suspects, but they keep turning up dead ends, or dead.

The episode explores Garak’s ambiguous character and continues to keep us guessing as to the true nature of his character. Is he a member of the Obsidian Order? Why are the Romulans involved?  And will Odo’s secret connections provide him with a glimpse of a bigger plan?

Behind it all is Garak’s mentor, Tain (Paul Dooley) is behind the attempt, as he is now working with the Romulans, and needed to clean house of those who knew about his past. And Tain uses the moment to seize Odo, to use for information about the Dominion and the threat of the Jem’Hadar, and asks Garak to join him.

We are left with a ‘To Be Continued…’ that will leave me hanging for another week, when the Human Adventure continues as my exploration of The Complete Series of both Voyager, and Deep Space Nine (available now from Paramount Pictures) boldly goes!


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