Star Trek: The Next Generation (1993) – Interface, and Gambit Part I

Captain’s log: stardate 47215.5

Airing on 4 October, 1993, Interface is a Geordi (LeVar Burton) story written by Joe Menosky.

When the Enterprise’s Chief Engineer receives news of the disappearance of his mother’s, Captain Silva La Forge (Madge Sinclair), starship, it affects his current assignment of using a virtual reality probe to explore and rescue a ship caught inside a gas giant.

Unfortunately, not everything is working properly, and Geordi’s emotional and psychological welfare come under question when he has a reaction to the neural inputs of the interface suit he has to wear to use the probe.

Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart), Riker (Jonathan Frakes), Data (Brent Spiner) and the rest of the crew are concerned for La Forge’s well being but he is determined to stay focused on the mission.

Things take a stranger turn when his mother appears to him asking for his help. Of course, what is really going on is pretty easy to figure out, but it gives Geordi some exceptional moments, and allows him to deal with the loss of his mother.

It gives Burton the rare opportunity to perform without his character’s trademark VISOR, and fleshes out La Forge’s familial connections. We not only get to see his mother, we learn he has a sister, and his father (Ben Vereen) also serves in Starfleet.


Captain’s log: stardate 47135.2

Naren Shankar pens this episode from a story by himself and Christopher Halton which first aired on 11 October, 1993.

Riker leads the crew in an investigation in the apparent death of Picard, and stumbles across a collection of pirates who are pillaging archaeological sites in Romulan Space.

The Enterprise’s First Officer refuses to believe that their captain is dead so they begin hunting down leads, and clues that may lead them to the answers they are seeking, but they may not be the answers they expect.

While tracking a lead, Riker and an away team are ambushed, and the commander is captured, and is stunned to find out who is holding him prisoner.

It seems Picard is amongst the pirate crew, posing as a rogue archaeologist named Galen.

Richard Lynch plays the pirate leader, Baran, but also of note is the appearance of Robin Curtis (who portrayed Saavik in Trek III and IV) as Tallera.

This is just a fun episode, a great little cliffhanger with the Enterprise, shields down, under fire from Baran’s ship as Picard and Riker watch! The location sequences look great, and really open up the world nicely.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until next week to see how the story resolves. But the Human Adventure will continue on Thursday as I return to Deep Space Nine.


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