The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones (1993/1995) – Masks of Evil

Indy’s (Sean Patrick Flanery) adventures continue this week, as his time with French Intelligence during the Great War continues, and brings him face to face with some real evil.

The movie combines two episodes, and changes the canon order of when they originally happened to facilitate a comprehensive story.

Istanbul, September 1918

Airing on 17 July, 1993, this episode was penned by Rosemary Anne Sisson, from a story by series creator George Lucas.

On assignment in Istanbul, Indiana discovers a Turkish plot to assassinate French agents. He is working on getting in touch with a general, Mustafa Kemal (Ahmet Levendoglu) while posing as a Swedish journalist. He hopes to present a plan for a separate peace with Kemal, representing Turkey, and the French.

But the streets of Istanbul are dark and dangerous, and perhaps Indy’s relationships with his fellow agent, and friend, Stefan (Peter Firth) and the charming American teacher, Molly (Katherine Butler) itself comes into question as Indy begins to wonder who he can trust, and how deep this evil plan goes, especially once he learns there is a double agent somewhere in his life.

But there’s also a real bright part to the story, as Indy seems to be really in love with Molly, and has in fact proposed to her. His first real love since Vicky in England.

This episode definitely plays up some darkness, as well as some nice espionage, playing like a spy thriller. In fact, it almost plays like a film noir, Indy even boasts a trench coat and shoulder holster, playing up the detective angle.

And of course there is the ending.

The unique locations used on location give this not only a true Indiana Jones feel, but an epic scale to the series.


Transylvania, January 1918

Written by Jonathan Hensleigh, this unaired episode made its debut in Germany in 1995.

Indy heads into a bit of supernatural trouble, for the first time, when he travels to Transylvania, and encounters Romanian General Mattias Targo (Bob Peck) who may or may not be the reincarnated Vlad Tepes. Also known as Vlad the Impaler, the basis for Bram Stoker’s vampire, Dracula.

It seems Targo is holding POWs hostage, while he fights for Romanian independence from all sides of the Great War.

When Indy arrives in Transylvania to investigate and put a stop to Targos, he finds more than he expected as the general may in fact be a vampire with an army of the living dead in his service.

This has some dark imagery, and even a couple of jump scares, as it marries the history of Tepes with the story of Dracula. It’s fun, dark, and for me, over to quick, the whole movie should have focused on this one story, Oh well.

Next week, Indy is rejoined by an old friend as they go after a treasure known as the Peacock’s Eye.





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